Importing Sessions

I am opening C2 session files in C3, however even though the VST folder path and hardware is the same, it is neither loading the VST nor the hardware “Ins” - essentially I am having to totally re-create the sessions, as by the time I do all the work to correct the “import” I might as well simply just create a new song from scratch in C3.

It is totally understandable as the two versions are quite different, but a little annoying at the same time haha! I think it could be said that the best method is to just create new songs from scratch. At least I have the instrument names within the C2 session so having it open alongside C3 makes it easier.

Hi Dennis,

Yep the v2 session import is far from perfect, but it should certainly be importing your vsts with all their saved state. What’s happening there - the plugin is just marked as missing in the upgraded session?

Could you be upgrading a session created in Cantabile 2 x86 to Cantabile 3 x64 by any chance?

As for the ins missing - do you mean MIDI routes from hardware ports - you can usually fix this by creating aliases on the ports you want to replace your old device names with.

More info here.

That said, yes - for anything simple, you might be easiest/quicker to simply re-create it in v3.


yeah Brad, the plugin is simply not there. It’s okay though…I have now recreated all the session files from C2 and just re-did them from scratch using the saved name from C2 as a guide - haha, after figuring the the first one (see the other thread) it was pretty damn easy and quick after that :grin:

edit: nah all 64bit versions. Thanks for the tip re aliases - I can see how that would work, but again I think it was creating another step that in my case (with simple session files to deal with) was probs unneccessary :slight_smile:

Hi Dennis,

Plugin completely missing is weird. Can you send me a copy of the v2 session file so I can try to improve this.


Brad, I’ll just send it to the email address, yes?