How to use Rack State colour?

I have a state in my “global out” rack which increases the gain by 3dB when selected.

At the song view level I’d like the global out rack background to be a different colour when this RACK state is selected.This rack state does not have a corresponding song state. It is purely at rack level. This rack does not have its states controlled by songs.

I tried changing the colour at the rack state level but that doesn’t change anything at song level.

At the Song level I tried selecting a different colour on the Global Out rack, but this colour persisted whichever state the rack was in.

Is there a way to do this?

Yes, unfortunately for you, the colour a rack appears in a song is a song-state driven behaviour, rather than a rack state behaviour.

I think one solution might be for @brad to add a binding target for rack colour, so you can modify the colour a rack appears from anything (such as rack state).

The only thing I can think of, to give you a visual indication of the extra 3dB gain, is to name the rack states in some very visual way, such as “^^^^^^^^^^ 3dB ^^^^^^^^^^” and “0dB” or something. It might stand out enough.


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Yes, the rack color is an attribute of the rack host (ie: the slot in the parent song, not the rack itself).

Even a binding wouldn’t really help in this case because you’d need to bind back to the parent song and find the correct rack to bind to.

That said, the rack does internally have a reference back to the active rack host slot, so it would be possible to drive it from the rack - it then just becomes a question of what the UI would look like. Something inside the rack that controls it’s color in the parent song. Perhaps the Rack Options window, but that’s fairly disassociated from the rack state, and it should be state controllable. Hrm…

Seems like a useful thing - logged it.



In a similar vein, I can also imagine rack states controlling the rack slot’s notes field being potentially useful…



I already contacted Brad because the colors. I would find it very useful to define the colors of the racks in the background rack so that everytime I start a new song from scracth, the racks get colored automatically in a predefined order.