Setting rack color?

Is is possible to set the properties of a rack so that it’s always the same color when it’s loaded in a song?

Hi Lee,

You can only do this using indexed racks.


Unfortunately not - the color is a property of the rack host (the bit that sits inside the song and “hosts” the rack).

This could be changed though I suppose. What does everyone else think?


I’d love to see it be sticky to the rack - especially for linked racks.

If I remember correctly you can set the color of a rack from inside with a binding. How about binding the color to On Rack State Load?

Personally I don’t need it. I use the “set color on song load”-function and that is sufficient.

On a similar track, there is this request with a trello card to bring rack state colour through to the rack state selection at the song level. Either as the rack slot colour, or just colouring the rack state cell, and the dropdown selection box.

It’s not a big deal. I use it to make it easy to quickly recognize a particular rack. If the rack is always the same color, it’s easier to recognize. I can set the color each time I load the rack in a song. It would just be more convenient to not do that each time

Hi Lee

With all the racks I have, there would not be enough colors available, nor would my deteriorating memory recognize which color was what rack! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It could be useful when “Torstenizing” to have one color for your input racks and another for your output racks. Categorization like that might make it easier to quickly locate racks.

I see your point. I don’t have that many instrument racks (5), so it would easily work for me

I could potentially have _Top Keyboard, _Bottom Keyboard, _Microrophone, _Pedals, _Controls, _VoiceLive Touch, _Electric Guitar, _Acoustic Guitar, _Outputs, _Buttons, _Faders and/or _Knobs, along with various instrument racks. A bit of color categorization might not be a bad idea for me… lol!

Clearly there’s lots of potential for abuse of the racks concept! :rofl:


I think it is more like the racks abusing me! :roll_eyes:

A virtual rainbow :rainbow:

I’d be pretty lost without colors in my setups:


Now that I can select multiple racks and set their color at the same time, I’m OK with doing this at the song level. Especially since some of my racks appear in different colors in different songs (Solo-Red in one, Keys-blue in another).




That’s very close to what I do. Key 1 = blue, key 2 = lime, Guitar sim = fuschia, etc. And why shouldn’t it be? I learned it from you !!! Prof Ecke :mortar_board: