Here's an MCU-compatible *simple* mixer Rack

After I sent my previous mixer Rack out into the world the feedback I got was ‘very nice, but too complex for us’!

So I decided to rustle up a simple 8-in/1-out stereo mixer and this time I’ve made it MCU-compatible, so it should work with any Mackie-style controller, including the Behringer X-Touch, with which I tested it. Channel levels, solo and mute should all work.

Make sure the Rack has a MIDI input from your MCU controller and a MIDI output back to your controller and it should work as expected.

Mixer MCU.cantabileRack (124.5 KB)

I wanted to activate the level meters on my X-Touch, but that’s not possible at the moment - I’ll raise another topic to discuss this.

Please let me know if you find it useful.


…and the mixer Rack now returns audio levels to the MCU device, so you can see those pretty meter LEDs bouncing up and down! It will also populate the scribble strip when loaded.

Mixer Simple MCU.cantabileRack (427.7 KB)

I’m using this mixer Rack with a Behringer X-Touch. I can now control all aspects of the mixer from the X-Touch, and I have meters, moving faders and scribble strip all under Cantabile’s control. It works really well!


Hi, thinking about getting an xtouch. Was wondering how you set the scribble strip content using this rack? Thanks

There’s an example scribble strip message contained (but de-activated) in the Mixer Rack.

I would typically action a scribble strip message with a binding to Song Load. To do this, copy the binding example from my Rack, paste it into your Song bindings, and edit the sys-ex message to suit.

Here’s another example of the message construct:
Scribble Strips 01


…and while we are on the subject.

Here is a newer version of my Mixer Rack that exploits Cantabile’s new-ish bi-directional binding feature for the faders. Functionally it’s identical to the previous version, but slightly tidier:
Mixer Simple MCU Bi-Di.cantabileRack (404.8 KB)


Thanks The_Elf, that makes sense. I was scratching my head as to how this could be done so it picks up the track names automatically. Short answer, it doesn’t, and that’s fine :slight_smile: , and the SysEx editing isn’t that onerous.