Help me connect another leslie vst to B-3x

Hello all I’m having difficulties getting a nice realistic growl to my B-3x so I’m thinking of adding another leslie to it. I already have T-racks leslie vst standalone that’s just taking up space on my ssd. I’ve also tried Softube vst’s but nothing seems to work without getting too scratchy sounding. How would I go about hooking up another vst because the easy way would to just send the output of B-3x into the t-rack leslie but I don’t think that would work right. Any ideas? Thank you Dave

Hi bachfugue1. B3X can growl very nicely. You can output B3X to T-Racks input, but understand, the B3X leslie is basically the T-Racks. You will have to bypass the B3X leslie, and output to T-Racks and output to main output. There are many discussions, and presets on my Organ tips page in this forum. Tell me what you are looking for, and I can get you close in B3X.



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Hi Backfugue1.
I fully agree with Corky.
The leslie of B-3X must be suitably set according to your needs. I have tried many Leslies, but in the end the native is the most suitable.
Try to insert the distortion pedal present in the B-3X, the scratchy sound you are looking for maybe you can also find it here…

FWIW I agree the B3X Leslie/amp selection is great.

But if you want more oomph, maybe try selecting the Marshall or Hiwatt as the amplifier on the Cabs>Leslie Amp page using the amp select knob, which will wire the selected guitar amp to the Leslie speakers, instead of wiring the guitar amp to the 4x12 guitar cabs as seen on the Cabs>Guitar Amp pane. The Hiwatt is definitely worth a listen IMO.

B-X3 can scream. With the right setting it drives even better than VB3 which used to be the gold standard. Try the 147 amp and play with the mid eq to drive it, then re-eq the whole thing with the rack eq or a plugin of your choice. Also, the stomp EQ is your secret weapon. It also provides drive boost even when flat, and the high mids will engender scream/growl.


Thanks all for your suggestions will try them all is it possible with the right settings and speakers to make this plug-in sound as good as a modern B3 that would be a wonderful way to save money thanks again

Hi FredProgGH, hi folks,
as I don’t own the IK B3X I wonder if you could recommend the best “warm-screaming-settings” for the VB3 or another VST you use? I have the problem to combine “scream/drive/oomph” with a relative warmth that doesn’t kill your eardrums :grinning: Thanks for help

Tons of settings for various B3 VST’s in here:

Yeah I’ll see if I can export some of my presets…

EDIT my reading comprehension is SHIT :sweat_smile: NOT for B-X3. Sorry.

Try this link…a few presets in .vstpreset format, let me know if that works. I really like the Styx sound and my Keith BSS patch. And, ignore this.