Corky’s VST Organ Tips and Tweaks Page 🎹

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Wow - this is fantastic! I can’t wait.

I have been working on a rack for VB3-II and IK Leslie, with a button/switch between internal GSI rotary and IKM Leslie, but your racks have so much more!!

I really appreciate the amount of effort that must have gone into creating these racks - thank you!!!
I think there will be much for me to learn by just examining how you accomplished some of the features.
Cheers - David


There is much more to come !!


Wow, what a fantastic idea to have Corky’s super sounds bundled by our rack grandmaster - kudos!

As you would expect, the rack and the accompanying video is almost an object lesson in rack building (even independent of Hammonds). I’m really excited to see what else is to come.

What comes to mind about the separation of organ and Leslie: this of course opens up the possibility of placing an overdrive effect between organ and Leslie (I’m currently experimenting with the Fabfilter Saturn 2 multiband distortion plugin).

Exactly the same way a parallel path Leslie / Marshal amp can be built (I guess that’s how Don Airey did it with Purple). Then it even makes sense to use B3-X and IKM Leslie at the same time.

In any case, many thanks to you for the great work,

many greetings, Volker


Glad to hear that, prof. Corky and Prof. Dave :joy: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Dave,

Dude you are awesome! I love your video. I like that everything is easy to view and you don’t mess it up by showing other things we don’t need to see. Your voice is clear and you stick to the point. I wish others would take note of your methods when they create videos.

Thank you very much for all the time you have invested in programming and the video demonstration. I can’t wait to go to work on it. Keep up the good work. :+1:


VST Organ-IK Leslie Combo Factory Preset Racks

Hi All,

Thanks for the encouragement and comments I appreciate it. :slight_smile: . This post will hold the racks, I packaged all of them in one zip file, so use what is useful to you and ignore the rest. Like all things there may and likely will be some hiccups on some systems and to be honest a part of this project is to test just how portable are the racks regarding usability. That all said here are the racks described in the previous post. If you need help, PM me or Corky and we’ll try to assist. Stay tuned for the coming contributions from Corky, he made some wonderful patches that really show what can be done with these combinations of plugins.

As described in the previous post these racks are the factory patches for each organ brand and has the IK Leslie added to the 4 organs for more sonic choices if you prefer it to the built in rotary on these models. For the B5 combo rack you B5 version 3 and UVI workstation 3.13 for it to work.

Organ_IK Leslie Combo Factory (1.4 MB)




I assumed that users would have both the organ and IK Leslie plugin when putting this together. As a result it would not make any sound when just the organ plugin was present. The racks have been updated & re-posted here so that even if you don’t have the IK Leslie you can still use the rack for your standalone presets & to play the factory patches.


I did get the B-3X with the full Leslie combo pack (which includes both the Amplitube-5 and the TR-Rack Leslies). I am studying your other racks that use a “Combo Rack Routing” binding to see if that holds the key to switching among the Leslie offerings in those plugins.

This is already a fantastically useful tool for me! :slight_smile:



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Even though IK says there is no difference in all the Leslies, I can tell the difference between the Amplitube and the T-Racks version. I prefer the Amplitube, but the preset users wanted the T-Racks version, because of the size and cost of Amplitube.



During my recent reply about using racks for all my presets, I put a lot of thought into how this would work. I could post presets for the 5 Hammond plugins, within racks, and merely update the racks when new presets are available. I had no idea whether it would work, and would there be problems when updated plugins were available. To solve this, I needed a wizard to help me work things out. So….I contacted our resident wizard, Dave Dore. He took on the task, and worked some real magic I wasn’t expecting. He was way ahead of where I was going. He not only worked on the racks, but made them faster, and easy to use. There is now an easy way for the user to use the presets. Most everything you need is in the bindings he made, and you can start using the presets immediately without importing an IK Leslie in your rack, if you use it.

There are 2 sets of identical name presets in the racks. The upper set is just the plugin with its own Leslie. The lower set is the plugin using the IK Leslie. The 2 sets are defined with their own color. The B-3X has only one set of presets……after all, it has an IK Leslie built in.

Whenever I post future presets, the racks will be updated, and I will post them with the changes I made. All the user will have to do is download the zip file relative to the preferred plugin, unzip, and send it to your Racks folder in Cantabile and overwrite the older one. Pull up the rack, add a midi route in, and audio out. It’s ready to go. I have updated some of the older presets in these new racks, and will continue to do so as time passes.

The main thing users will have to do is meet the plugin version listed in the posts. If I update a plugin, I will announce it with the next post. One other thing….to successfully use the presets as designed, it is necessary to link an expression pedal, a rotary knob, or a slider to the GUI swell pedal or slider (in some plugs). All presets have been updated and newly edited.

We tested the racks many times, and feel confident they will perform perfectly. If you need help with this, or have a problem within our racks, feel free to contact Dave Dore, or myself in the organ thread, or PM us. We both are usually online, Dave is an early riser, and I am a night owl.

As Dave said, we were going for a Hammond Workstation, and I believe we achieved it. I created 6 new presets for this release, and have many more in waiting. I meticulously went through all 126 organ plugin presets, and all 56 IK Leslie presets, previously posted, to add improvement, and adjustment. I will post our fabulous racks very soon. Stay tuned, and Enjoy!



Sometimes I feel like my timing is just perfect!!! This is one of those times! :slight_smile:


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As the racks are posted, it is essential to remember to bind your expression pedal, or rotary knob/slider, to the GUI pedal or slider. I am now using the FX in B-3X and B5, so there will be a little more CPU load. I tested these on a Win 7 machine with 8GB Ram, and the highest I got was about 45%. Many of the presets are loud at full pedal. I suggest you keep your eye on output clipping, and adjust volume at song level to maintain the integrity of the preset.

Remember, these are starting points. Our ears hear differently, and my rig may be a little different from yours, so feel free to adjust to your liking. At a gig, I always adjust to the room.

B5 users need to use the newest version of the UVI Workstation. It will crash if you don’t.

IK Leslie T-Racks version is 5.8.

Blue3 - VST3
IK Leslie - VST3
VB3 1.4 - VST 2
B5 - VST2
B-3X - VST2

I will still post notes for each preset. Sometimes, I will give a detailed instruction on how to use the preset. At other times, just some info about the artist or band. I will archive the older presets in a PDF file included with the presets. Below are the info notes for the 6 new presets. There are 2 sets of presets in every rack (with exception to B-3X rack. Only 1 set). The 1st set of racks are for the the original plugin with internal Leslie. The 2nd set of presets in the rack is set up to bypass original Leslie, and route to the IK Leslie presets relative to the current preset. Some of the organ settings will be different with IK . The 2 sets of presets within the rack are separated by colors


Danny Federici was an original member of the E Street Band. With Springsteen at the helm, he kept the Jersey Shore Sound in check throughout decades of Albums and Concerts. His Hammond always sounded like a carnival, bright and jingly. He also played a keyboard glockenspiel to enhance the jingly sound Springsteen was known for. To add even more, he played an Accordion on a few tracks. He died at 58 of melanoma. Band members said Danny didn’t know chords, never read music, and couldn’t tell you what key he was playing in. Bruce would start a song, and Danny just knew where it sounded on a keyboard.


There are several different stories about the slow ramp-up and slow ramp-down Leslie Drum sound. I tend to believe the recording engineer, who said the Leslie horn was blown and non-useable. Recording time was short, so they wired the horn wires into the drum, and had all the frequencies running through the drum. The slow drum had a badly stretched belt that had to catch a grip to the motor when it started and slowed down. No doubt, Goldy McJohn, organist with Steppenwolf, was extremely rough on the Leslie. But he created a sound that no one else could copy. I tried my best to get that Goldy sound within the plugs, and I think I got as close as the plugs would allow.

During the verse, Goldy would vamp on E7 with Leslie at full speed. As they went into the chorus, Leslie would be switched to slow, and as it ramped down, the solo/verse would kick in with a fast Leslie.


The wild-eyed Organist with Focus, Thijs Van Leer, formed the 1st successful Dutch Progressive Rock Band. “Hocus Pocus” was their biggest hit. He is still performing today.


French born Jean-Jacques Kravetz was the organist with Frumpy, a German Progressive band, in the early 1970’s.


There were two keyboardists in Spooky Tooth. The most notable was the very successful Gary Wright. He is playing organ on this song. Another notable from this band is Guitarist Mick Jones, who formed Foreigner.

If you listen closely, after the intro, you will hear a quick edit from organ 1 part, to organ 2 parts. Either there was a different organ recorded in the 2nd part, or they modded the original organ. The sounds were not even close. So, to make this happen in Cantabile, I made two presets, and you can switch preset states from 1st organ to the 2nd organ. No tape splicing required.

VB3 1.4 x64 Corky (321.6 KB)

VB3-II Corky (302.7 KB) FIXED

Blue3 Corky (311.0 KB)

AS B5 Corky (414.7 KB)

B-3X Corky (318.3 KB)

Just unzip, and drop into your Cantabile Racks folder. If you encounter any problems, contact Dave Dore, or myself. We are basically at 1.0 version of these racks, and expect a few hiccups.




Thanks for your generosity Corky, having worked on this latest collection with you I have to say that the presets are wonderful sounding. I also got to hear the difference between each organ. I really got to know all the brands this way. I didn’t dig under the hood of your tone building but I will just to see how you got some of the sounds, Wow … :+1:



Thanks for making my idea into a reality! You are truly amazing!!

Hi @dave_dore,
I’ve been examining your rack and learning a lot, but I saw you using Triggers and didn’t understand the function. I looked thru the documentation, but couldn’t find much. In the forum there was discussion about how triggers were merged with Bindings after C2.
Would mind explaining what Triggers are in Cantabile? For example, 'On Specific Trigger" #117 - is this responding to a key press? What are ‘Indexed Triggers’?
Thank you,

  • David
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Hi David,

I’ll PM you regarding this, thanks for your interest.


Oh, I am also very curious about triggers, can you share some info, maybe in a separate thread?

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Hi Torsten,

I was attempting to explain to David what I do know about triggers but maybe a separate thread would be a good place to get all the folks in on it to share their know how. I’ll get it together and post later. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


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Many thanks for all your work on all your presets!


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I see the presets in the Rack, but they aren’t changing the sound inside the Plugin (B-3X in my case). What am I doing wrong?

Sorry if it is something obvious…


Hi Ramon,

PM me & I’ll help you get it going…