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I’m sure there have been threads on this before, but what the heck, one man show singer/ guitar player, I have gnx3000, and a simple dmx lighting rack, and a digitech rackmount unit for harmonies, everything works well with a tough book and ui24r, thinking how cool to be able to ditch the gnx3000, and harmony unit. When I run 4 media players for wave files and one for midi information it doesn’t load the cpu significantly. Wondering if a i5 3rd generation would run well doing that job while also doing guitar rig 5 and vocal harmony vst? Also any recommendations for a vocal harmony vst, generally only need one voice above and one below.

I’ll betcha that setup would SING! :wink:


We’ve had a couple of discussions on this here - there’s really no VST harmony plugin with similar real-time harmony detection as the digitech or TC Helicon stuff. Most VST versions are made for production in a DAW, so they need to be controlled very explicitly - not like the hardware stuff that just “listens” to your playing and folliws along.

I’ve moved all my keys and my guitar amps & effects into my Cantabile setup - vocal processing stays in an external Voicelive box - havent managed to replace it.



There is Vielklang, which is well regarded.

vielklang Instant Harmony 2, vielklang Instant Harmony 2 plugin, buy (pluginboutique.com)

There is a free version bouncing around the web that came with issue 220 of Computer Music magazine as well.


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Vielklang has also been discussed - it isn’t a “live” tool but needs to load an audio track to process it. That won’t really help for live harmonies, unfortunately.

I’ve been through pretty much everything on the VST market, but still need to use my VoiceLive when playing live. I’d love to replace it with software, but I haven’t found anything that comes close to the usability of the TC range.

Same here, I have an old Vocalist hardware unit from Digitech that does it but no software I’ve seen does.


Thanks for the replies. I tried playing around with guitar rig in cantabile and it does work, just have to workout midi patch changes, cc’s and such.


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I had a nice harmonizor once, but threw it out after people kept telling me how much better “their” voices sounded than mine.


Same here: I stick to my TC Voice Live 2 as no VST I tested came close. Additionally, please keep in mind that a voice plug will introduce about 2 times the latency of a VST instrument…

Regards, Volker

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I’ve been using Antares Harmony Engine VST with good results for real-time live performance harmonization.

I tested it, but wasn’t really happy with its chord control - you need to focus specifically on providing it chords via MIDI (reserve your left hand for chord input) or pre-set a chord or scale for a specific song. Compared to the TC Helicon range, where you simply play as you are used to, it is pretty restrictive. I’m not disputing that you can get excellent results from it, but to me it’s miles away from the ease-of-use I would want in a live situation.

Plus, guitar chord input won’t work directly with Harmony Engine - you need another plugin like Auto Key to recognize chord or scale of what you are playing. I haven’t tested that one, so I can’t speak on how well that works.

Overall, I’m still stuck to the TC range - but of course, I remote-control it from Cantabile :wink:



All valid points, Torsten. I’m using Harmony Engine exclusively with keyboards in a solo act, so I am always comping chords with left or right hand. My goal was a total Cantabile solution without any external pedals or processing. For that, and with the limitations Torsten referenced, it fits the bill.

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