Guitar Rig 5 crashes Cantabile

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Guitar Rig 5 is acting very strange in Cantabile 3. I have it in a Linked Rack. When I open the GUI GR5 works but all drop down boxes in Cantabile no longer respond to mouse clicks (i.e. choosing route targets, etc.). When I close the GUI, GR5 continues to work and the drop down boxes work again. After closing and opening the GUI a couple of times Cantabile simply crashes to the desktop on an open.

I tried playing with the “Flush tail sounds on suspend” option I saw mentioned on another post about plugin crashes, but it made no difference. It also makes no difference if it is in a rack or directly in the song.

Hi @BigTwisty

I do see occassional crash reports for GuitarRig and have contacted NI about it several time, but I don’t think I’ve ever convinced them there’s a problem with the plugin.

From my perspective it’s quite obviously a GuitarRig crash, here’s the line from the crash report:

dispatching op code 13 (effEditGetRect) to plugin Guitar Rig 5 

Best bet would be to log a support request with NI, explain the problem and pass on my contact details if you like.


I have also many problems with guitar rig. Mostly crashes like you mentioned @BigTwisty.
In addition to that, I sometimes have the wrong sounds loaded. I then have to manually select my “user sound bank” again, very annoying. But like Brad said, I think it’s mostly on the guitar rig side.

Perhaps we can find more users and when we all raise requests, perhaps they do something about it.
As a first stat for example a “normal” way of selecting patches (bank/program) :wink:

Greetings, Tom

Some old NI plugins raise this exceptions. Got these errors too…
@Siggin0er you should try to use x64 version with jbridge - hope it helps

Kind regards

@Alexander I am using the x64 version under Cantabile x64…or should I use jBridge in addition to that?

@Siggin0er Ah… I used x32 version.
The Idea is to use jbridge as a plugin container

@brad Strange thing that is other VST hosts like Cubase 8.5 seems to be ignorant to that kind of plugin issues…
I have found this discussion (search for “effEditGetRect”):
maybe it helps.

Kind regards

Running the x86 version if Guitar Rig through jBridge has fixed all my issues so far.

Brad: It doesn’t strike me as a memory overflow issue with the x64 version since it works fine in other hosts. What does jump out at me is that effEditGetRect sounds like something to call when DRAWING the interface, but Guitar Rig keeps crashing Cantabile when it is CLOSING the interface. Could it be that C3 is sending an effGetRect message after GR5 is already closing the GUI, causing an unhandled exception somewhere in GR5?

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Interesting - I’m seeing the x64 version of VB3 crash when closing the interface. I wonder if there’s any similarity in behavior?


Interesting. I’ll check it out.

Had a quick look at this and the only thing that really stands out in this area is that Cantabile queries the plugin for it’s edit rect more regularly since the introduction of the morph/randomize tools (because it needs to do more work keeping the window the right size to acccomodate the morph randomize toolbar).

So I’m wondering… does this problem seem to have started since around build 3242?

Either way I’m going to make some changes here to cache the plugin’s desired size and only re-request it if the plugin requests a new size. This might settle things down a bit.

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@BigTwisty @Siggin0er @Alexander

The latest build 3269 includes a potential fix for this. Unfortunately it seems the fix also breaks some other plugin GUIs (see here) however I’m keen to hear if the problems with Guitar Rig and Absynth are resolved before making any more changes.

Could someone who was having regular crashes with either of these plugins please give it a quick test in 3269 and let me know if the problem still occurs (or anything else weird happens)



I will be able to test this on monday, I am afk over the weekend :smiley:

Greetings, Tom

Good news!
@Brad Seems that Guitar Rig (5.1.1) is Ok with that update (3270) !
Can’t test Absynth (had not updated it for a long time)

regards, Alexander

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Great. I also found a fix for those other plugins so all is good I think!


I am experiencing systematic crashes everytime Cantabile starts with a song that contains Guitar Rig 6. It happens just at startup, not during running

Did you send Brad a crash report?

Yes, several

Hopefully, Brad will contact you soon. I’ve not had any problems with Guitar Rig 6. I will check the GR forums to see if something is up.

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I looks it could be an issue of 6.2.4. With 6.3 it seems not to happen anymore…


Cool! Hopefully that will fix it. I saw where 6.3 was released.
Good luck!