3269 - funny windows for Komplete Kontrol instruments

A likely minor graphics bug.

Here is a Komplete Kontrol instrument in 3266:

And here is the same instrument in 3269:


Interesting - I noticed something possibly related last night with the user interface for Vector X for Kontact, where the knobs would appear, but none of the other graphics, knob labelling etc. were drawn. I had to consult Google Images to find a screenshot of it, to work out which knob was the envelope release control :slight_smile:



This will almost certainly be related to the changes I made to prevent crashes in Absynth/Guitar Rig. I thought I did this in a way that wouldn’t affect other plugins and I tested with plugins from a whole bunch of vendors and didn’t see any issues.

I’ll see if I can repro it here.


This should be fixed in build 3270 (which is cooking right now, should be up soon).

@Neil_Durant Haven’t looked at Vector X, let me know if same problem still happens.

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Vector X is still showing the same problems, but they may be unrelated to the issue Terry was seeing - graphically the effect looks different. Since the rest of Kontakt appears to be drawing itself correctly, maybe it’s a problem with Vector X or its installation.

Here’s a screenshot:

…whereas it’s supposed to look more like this:


@Neil_Durant - That one is due to its not finding its GUI. It can often be solved by performing a re-scan in Kontakt - done in the standalone version of Kontakt is best I believe.


@terrybritton Is that a “Reset and scan” of samples? I’m not sure I’m finding the right thing to trigger a re-scan…


In File/Options/Database I usually use the “Add” button to explicitly add the folder containing the sound’s stuff (usually in /users/public/documents somewhere) and then hit the “Update” button.

No need to reset, typically.


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Aha, that fixed it - user error all along! :relaxed:

Thanks @terrybritton !