GuiKit Font Management

I’ve been running out of space on my Controller Bar, and have been looking for a way to use a narrow font. I’ve developed a variant of my Kurinto fonts for this purpose (from my rather massive Font project) called Kurinto Sans Core Narrow, in Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold-Italic. It is quite narrow but readable and I’m trying to use it for the Controller. Be happy to share these fonts if I can get this work (they are release under OFL 1.1).

I do realize that @brad has not released GuiKit and that it is not supported for public use / access, but I am hoping to get by just well enough to install my own fonts.

I’ve been using a clone of the Dark GuiKit theme, with appropriate substitutions in the class ControllerBar section for the installed fonts I instantiate (assuming the true argument means Bold):

var fontTip = Font("Kurinto Sans Core Narrow", 12, true);  // Font for the top of buttons
var fontCaption = Font("Kurinto Sans Core Narrow", 18, true);  // Font for the body of the button

… and it does not work. I seem to get a fallback font:

I have tried a smattering of installed fonts that are clearly identifiable (including Kurinto Olde, which is a very identifiable Fraktur font – which does work):

var fontTip = Font("Kurinto Olde Core", 12, true);
var fontCaption = Font("Kurinto Olde Core", 18, true);

I cannot glean the rules under which an installed font will be used by / acceptable to the GuiKit Font() function.

If anyone has experience or ideas regarding what fonts are acceptable, I would love to hear it.

FYI, I have not been able to get Theme inheritance working, and the Resource mechanism does not seem to currently work for themes, so I am using an Windows Junction from the Cantabile install directory to a directory (not a Zipped theme) in my local space, as described in this post:

BTW, “Kurinto” is how Japanese folks pronounce my name “Clint”.

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Hi Clint,

Send me a copy of the font file and I’ll see if I can get it to work for you.


Thanks Brad!!

And … for those interested in incorporating “Red/Green/Blue/Orange dot” indicators in the Controller bar:

… here’s a list of the Unicode characters I am using:

	🟥 U+1F7E5 Large Red Square		Disabled
	🔴 U+1F534 Large Red Circle
	🔺 U+1F53A Up-Pointing Red Triangle

	🟢 U+1F7E2 Large Green Circle	Enabled
	🟩 U+1F7E9 Large Green Square

	🔵 U+1F535 Large Blue Circle		
	🔷 U+1F537 Large Blue Diamond	Disabled because of Global Switch (Looping)
	🔹 U+1F539 Small Blue Diamond
	🟦 U+1F7E6 Large Blue Square

	🔸 U+1F538 Small Orange Diamond	Disabled because of Global Switch (FX)

A handy lookup table for such characters is available a (for example, searching for Blue Characters):

Hey Brad … I’m standing in line too …

That’s a nice font Clint, and thanks for the unicode chars, that’s a handy resource.

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