GUI arrangement of output ports

By default, the output port icons spread themselves out with a significant gap in between each. This means I have to scroll down quite a way, and (tediously) drag each one up to the top before wiring everything up.

I have tried setting up a new template with them positioned as I wished, and when I call this up when setting up a new configuration they are correctly positioned; but as soon as I add a plugin, they all disappear again.

Is there any way to hold them in the desired arrangement ? I may have missed something.

I should add that I use Cantabile as an really efficient way to test things out, rather than firing up Live, which I use for ‘production’ pieces. So I am doing this frequently, rather than recalling the same songs, as I guess most people here would be.

PS Live doesn’t recognise channel information within tracks, and its midi monitoring and manipulation facilities compared with Cantabile are more or less nil.

Hi @yorkeman and welcome!

Yes, this behaviour is a bit of a nuisance and it has been mentioned before. Maybe in this thread

you can find a few hints (Save Song Copy as…, Song Templates, …) about how to reduce the hassle.


Thanks for this . I’ll read up and check again on what might be done with racks and templates. Templates work fine as long as you don’t add a new plugin, but as soon as you do this, they spread out again. I think there may be a way to do this by using a rack to do the MIDI distribution to all ports, so that would be where the routing for any particular instance of set up could be done.

Whatever, in my usage (stand alone VST host and routing tool for quickly testing various combinations) Cantabile is by far the most efficient way to do this.

This is a very long time request and the workarounds are not an acceptable solution for me.