Global transpose problem [solved]


I observe a problem with serum and OP-X Pro II when using them in a rack and trying to use the global transpose function: instead of beeing transposed in steps of 1 halftone both racks are shifted for the double number of halftones I declare for global transpose.

Global transpose works fine if using both as simple plugins. Same is true when using the racks with transpose function inside midi routings. Other racks don`t show this effect.

Can someone confirm?

Thanks, humphrey

btw: O-PX-Pro II is the special “cantabile version”

Hi @humphrey

Almost certainly this is because the midi is going through 2 routes - once in the song from input port to rack and once in the rack from rack input port to the plugin.

Global transpose is applied on every route that doesn’t have the ignore global transpose option turned on.

In the rack, click the route settings and turn on the ignore global transpose and see if that helps.


Yep, that fxed it. Thanks, humphrey