Gforce Software released OB-E - UPDATE: Now available on PC also as OB-E V2!

It’s a poly synth based on eight Oberheim SEM modules.

Unluckily for us, Dave Spiers wrote " We recently did a series of surveys with our customers and found a huge majority are Mac users. So, as OB-E evolved into the very special monster that is it, we decided to release it as Mac only and see what the reception was."

So, a Windows version is not planned at now. And don’t ask him if nor when! More info here

Needless to say, I’m very disappointed. Again… When Minimonsta was released, we spent some time talking about the weird way used to manage MIDI program change. Using Cantabile and magic of bindings, it’s very easy fix the problem, but at the time it wasn’t. In Minimonsta, you need to enter the GUI, manually activate the program change activation button. Then set to zero the morph time. Every program change must be followed by a low specific key press to trigger the change properly. What a mess!
At the end, he just told me “maybe Minimonsta is not the intrument you need”. I respect Dave, he’s brilliant, I’d like a his version of the CS-80, I’m sure it would do it better than Arturia. Too bad, it would be Mac only.

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Pfft. Horsecrap. I bet it has something to do with copy protection/cracking. In any event if he wants to sell more then a few dozen I imagine he’ll have to relent… I for one would be quite interested, I love all Gforce’s stuff.

Dang, and I’ve forgotten about MiniMonsta! Used to use that all the time but went over eventually to The Legend. Gotta dig it back out and a/b them!

I was going to pull the trigger on it yesterday as it sounded amazing, but then noted that it was Mac only.

Whilst my main computer is a MAC, my music computers are PCs, so in this case a MAC only version is no good to me.

And I completed the survey they referred to as well.

Hopefully it will come out on PC at some point.

Why did they send out advertising to PC users and then acclaim its MAC only - strange.

Cherry Audio just released their interpretation of the Oberheim 8-voice synth. And it will run on Windows :slight_smile:




I have only listened to the demo sounds available and I’d probably prefer the OB-E if it comes for PC (and doesn’t have an annoying copy protection).

This Cherry Audio offering looks like a bad boy from the description of it. I love the GUI too!

Didn’t know Cherry Audio, I’ll try the demo. Thanks for the hint.

Well, their interpretation has a terrific GUI, but terrible preset quality. Better results programming a sound from scratch, although the quality overall is not high.
The last weekend I played a bit with the OB-E (in a friend’s studio), it’s one light years ahead the Cherry Music. Anyway, at 24€, it worth.

I ended up buying the Cherry Audio. It was only $29 US and I couldn’t resist. I’m enjoying it a lot, but I have no idea how it compares to the hardware. It’s a bit of a CPU hog too. I will probably end up buying the G-Force one if it ever comes out for Windows.

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I couldn’t resist too. It worth, no doubt. The OB-E sound is more lush, more similar to the early Oberheim SEM modules and the OB-X.
It’s CPU hungry, as well the Arturia SEM V, OB-Xa V, and the DiscoDSP OB-Xd.
Like you, I hope in the Windows version of the OB-E.


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I bought the Cherry version too. I played a little and found it good enough. Programming is quite easy. Stereo panning spreading different voices works pretty well. Really good for the price

Right. It’s not bad, the stereo panning is one of the most interesting feature. At $29!

Now available for PC and on sale… :slight_smile:


… but only two installations possible.

Hooray! Thanks Derek :slightly_smiling_face:

gaaaaah :confounded::confounded::confounded:

2 is tight :frowning:
I don’t fancy part of my pre-gig routine being shifting activations from a studio machine to a live or backup one.
I just wish Sonic Projects would add an oversampling option to OPX

Might be worth raising that with GForce. I had an issue with some other software the other day when I exceeded the activation limit, so the supplier pointed that out, but when I explained why to the supplier they resolved it by giving me extra activations at no cost.

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