Game changer rhodes VST? Acousticsamples Vtines

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My credit card is shaking :wink:


Has anyone bought this yet? What do you think of it? I like many Acoustic Samples products, but I already have a lot of EP vsts and am trying to decide if I really want another. Acoustic Samples does not offer demos unfortunately.

  • Paul


Hey Paul

I absolutely love Acoustic Samples products. My main piano is an older Acoustic Samples running in Kontakt. No doubt, B5v2 is one of my favorite plugs. I went to their site, and VTines sounds really nice. I have the same dilemma as yourself; pull the trigger and take a chance, or be satisfied with the great plugs I already have. Arno will not release demos, and there is the iLok thing (ugh). Apparently his stuff was getting cracked, and he closed the door. Well, I also have purchased non-demo plugs, and have been burned several times with useless products, so I will usually bypass the non-demo plugs. I have also been burned by known great developers throwing out a lousy product (one recently). I feel like I have been robbed when I spend over $100-$200 on a crap product I couldn’t demo. It’s like I just paid that much for dreck, and I imagine someone on the other side with my cash, in their greedy hands, smoking a cigar, and laughing.

I am very satisfied with the several emulation collections I already bought, so I decided to pass on it. After it is tested on YouTube several times I might change my mind. Maybe I could get Arno to let me honestly test his products on YouTube…yeah, like that would ever happen. :smile:




Same situation here: I really liked what I heard on the demo track but then: a demo track is no demo and no demo means: no chance to lay your hands on it.

Same as Corky I purchased quite some disappointing products that seemed to be great from what the sound demos promised.

Another aspect for me: I allready use Scarbee EP88 and Lounge Lizzard 4 (not counting several other emulations for rhodes) and together they do a really good job here. So not really a good reason to buy another emu…:wink:

Concerning ilok: I agree, this is „pita“ especially on stage but afaik you have 3 licenses & the possibility to store them on ilok or harddisk. For me the risk of loosing one by a total crash is acceptable.

Regards, humphrey


Yeah, I already have Lounge Lizzard, Velvet, Mark 79, and Arturia Wurlitzer. I use Lounge Lizzard a lot. I played an actual Rhodes for many years, so I guess I have a small obsession with getting the sound and feel back again. I would never want to carry that thing again though.


Totally understand. I had a Rhodes for a short time after I sold my Wurlie of 7 years. That is the way I feel about my Hammond. I miss it, but have no room for it, and I am certainly not going to haul it anywhere. Miss the feel of all them.
If you take the plunge, let us know what you think.


For me a good Rhodes is good enough. I don’t need perfect, and like you guys I have several good ones. Looks interesting though. Sounds great, but so does Keyscape. I’ve been dying to try B5 since it came out. Oh well. Anyone paired it with the IK Leslie yet?


I asked Arno, the developer behind AS, for a NFR license as I do work as author for a big german online music magazine. Let’s see how this works out and if he wants to provide such license…



I believe I posted my thoughts on it in a thread sometime ago. I will post an example shortly on tips thread, soon as coffee kicks in, (late night gig last night)


I just received the NFR.

I’ll let you know what I think about it.


Here is a new review of it:


Hmm, certainly nice - but not much beyond what I can do with AIR Velvet currently. Plus, Velvet gives me suitcase, Mk I, MK II, Wurly, plus Pianet. All definitely more than good enough for live use.

If cou can get Velvet cheap through one of the AIR sales (I think I got mine for $9), it’s definitely a no-regret move.

For recording a track with a prominent Rhodes, I might consider the VTines for that extra bit of realism…




I bought Velvet a few weeks ago on your recommendation and have been enjoying it. Haven’t used it in a band song yet though. It has a lot of presets! Are their any presets that you particularly love right now?

  • Paul


TBH, I mostly use three plain vanilla settings that I’ve tuned to my liking: Wurly, Suitcase, Basic Rhodes. Then, I add effects to taste for song-specific settings, and add EQ (FabFilter Pro-Q) post-Velvet.




the samples sound really nice. But I already have Lounge Lizard, Purgatory Creek Rhodes, Velvet and Pianoteq Rhodes. Enough!


Better review in my opinion


Looking at the tech specs, it only works in the 64 bit version or UVI workstation. If you are only using 32 bit stuff, beware.

  • Paul


I had it under my fingers today.

My conclusion:
I was sceptical about VTines. But I must say that I’m very impressed! I’m not sure if it’s better than Scarbee EP88 or KeyScape. It’s different. It has another character although you can heavily adjust that to your needs and your liking.
I was not happy with the presets. But I started to create my own which was pure fun! All those settings… I run a professional rhodes workshop in Germany. So I was happy to see all those parameters and adjust them and to hear that they do what I expect.

80MB is a killer against the competitors Scarbee (14GB) and KeyScape (77GB).

So: Thumbs up! :slight_smile:


Hmmm, I’m tempted… How is the CPU footprint compared to other emulations like LoungeLizard or Velvet?




Well, after stating my reasons for not purchasing VTines, I reconsidered. Now that I have it, it’s my new favorite. Very nice!