Free vocoder with modulator and carrier as audio inputs?

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I need a free vocoder VST where I could enter my mic as a modulator and another audio signal as a carrier, so I could vocode my voice to songs in real time. Kind of like FL studio Vocodex.

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Here is a freebie from Fullbucket music …



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TAL Vocoder comes to my mind

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mda TalkBox is by far the best sounding freebie I’ve listened to and for me stacks up well against paid versions sound wise. But majorly clunky since it uses host UI. But I’ve not yet listened to the Full Bucket VC (just d/l’d), but given that guy’s synths expect it to be good. That said, the thing that makes any of them shine, free or otherwise, is to inject noise (pink, white) along with synth. Found that on a YouTube and it is quite remarkable the difference. Some of the paid versions have a knob that does this though most will call it something like “clarity”. jmo, ymmv, etc.