FR: init song to start from

Is there a way to add a new song and add an init configuration to start from?

I take it you are meaning “beyond using save-as” to recycle a song using it like a template.

You want to change what in the configuration, exactly?


Indeed use it as a template, to have my basic synths and connections ready. Now I’m always starting from a know song and copy these. But a template to start from would be handy.

No answer to your question but: something I‘d also appreciate if I understood correctly.

It would be nice to store a song as „personal init song“. In my case this would include:

  • 2 output racks (one for FOH one for inear)
  • my reverb rack
  • an EQ rack
  • some bindings „on song load“ and no special targets (just to be filled in case)
  • sone text templates in Show View…

This spezial init song must not be manipulated by calling it up (just in the same way the actual init song isn’t). I also could easily live with a possibility to manipulate the existing init song if creating a personal init song is too complicated.

If this is the idea behind: +1 from my side

Regards, humphrey

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Yes, you catch my drift ! :slight_smile:
Exactly what I mean !
In my case I have

  • the master rack (volume, eq, tube driver)
  • reverb rack
  • basic synths I use (mostly synth1/xpand/pianoteq)
  • DMXis for some lights occasionally
  • basic notes setup (header/notes)

You can turn a song into an “Init” template by using Save As with a song setup and then right click its icon in the Cantabile folder choosing “Properties” from the bottom and select “Read Only” from the properties. That forces you to always do a Save As with that file in the future, so you will never write over it.



It’s a hack but a heck of a good one :blush:
It would be handy to have init settings on new items you add. I have some filter settings i add as standard. True, i know you can save filter templates, which is already very handy.

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Hey Sven,

Vote for it at Trello as well, it’s been a suggested feature for a while, maybe @brad can fit it in some time soon. I too, wish for a user defined template feature but have proceeded like Terry has for a few years now using a generic song and “Save As” trick.



TBH, I don’t see the big issue: I have a couple of “template songs” ready to use (piano & organ, dual manual organ, etc) with all the typical master racks, reverb and delay racks, faders and keyboards encapsulated racks etc.

I simply open one of them, use “save as…” and then start customizing them for a new song. Mostly, I use “use different rack” to replace the default piano and organ racks, then customize to taste.

I’m not really missing a specific “init” configuration - this workflow does quite nicely…




Yeah sure there are ways but it could be user friendly.

+1 on this.

I’d love to have this feature. This saves a lot of work when working on a new project.

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