Found nice plugin for MIDI Remote Control

Think this could give me more flexibility to personalize the important setup Parameters…

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Looks interesting. Here is a direct link to the Remote Control Product - rather than the tutorial - I found this a better into as to what it can do :slight_smile:

Is not like expected …because the controls are to small and it isn’t working to make it bigger…

i was searching for a vst-plugin I can create my own userinterface …

some programs there are to built own userinterfaces but not as vst :frowning:

best way would be if brad could integrate this feature into Cantabile :wink:

I never had the patience to build a MIDI controller. But you can do it with Ctrlr:

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Thanks, I have seen it also but I don’t have any Knowledges with C++ ……so I have a Horror when I think to test it…

I searched for a quick and easy solution like hexler’s Touch OSC ……but to use as VST

For basic controllers you don’t need to know about C++…

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Now you have made me curious … I will take a closer look

…looks good! but the only big problem (at the moment) is how to save the presets of the vst ???..

at the moment I do not understand if ctrlr can save the preset-parameters or if I have to save this values in cantabile controls like sliders or anything else??

I tested some plugins but all make problems if I want to make a circle / feedback MIDI-Conection with parameters in Cantabile… for some of this VST’s you have to write complicated code to store the values of the Items… so that’s nothing for me.

But now I have found a cheap and perfect solution that works perfekt with cantabile and the controlls are simple and easy to built and to connect and also the circle bindings are working perfekt without endless feedback (like the others)…
So it is possible to save my values in Racks and connect it easy with the controlls of cameleon… also all controlls working perfekt like on an IPAD-APP…

Pic from testing…on my surface pro

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Looks an interesting product and inexpensive as well …

Looks good! Thanks for sharing!

…I am very happy with this because it works on the same window than my programms

and the style looks very professional also it is able to switch pages with different controllers

so I’m able to controll all my devices in realtime and with the cheapest Motorfaders I could get :wink:

…what do you want more for 9.99 € ?

Tested cameleon with cantabile Performer and for me it is a nice thing to have all my important values with on touch in front of me…

so the little arrow on the upper border open the controller view…

there are 2 templates with 6 Pages to call available

one thing at the moment is not working correctly with cantabile… the windows handler makes at the moment problems to store the position and size off cantabile.

With all other programs I use it was no problem … at the recall the window size has been accurately restored like at the storage point…


Little Update to Chameleon…
Touch Buttons also work fine bidirectionally …(connected with my corresponding Cantabile Rack’s)

At this point thanks to Brad for new better monitoring of ports and channels ! …very helpfull

With the opportunity to create hole shapes it is easy to have other apps at the same time visible

(on this site a hole with my mixer app behind…important values for me because I’ve got no Hardware MixingConsole)


Vielen Dank mein Freund! Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber der Blue Cat Mixer ist ausgezeichnet! (Now in English!). I bought a Behringer X-Touch Compact and, based on testing so far, it works perfectly with Blue Cat Mixer.

Ich hatte zwei Jahre Deutsch am Gymnasium und 1 Jahr an der Universität, aber mein Deutsch ist immer noch schlecht.

Dein Deutsch ist doch ausgezeichnet…im Gegensatz zu meinem Googel-Translater Englisch…I should have been better careful in English lessons.
What I am looking for unfortunately does not exist … a small controller with motorsliders and OLED displays … I then stay best with the touchscreen and Chameleon

What about the Behringer X-Touch - motor faders, LCD scribble strips etc? But not strictly “small”…



…that’s the problem…I had one for a short time to test

and the apps from behringer X32 / or M18 are very good so there is no need at the moment…


…this big monster would not fit into my setup …my new mini-PC-Keyboard is so small that it would get scared :slight_smile:

Trying out the X-touch compact. Blue Cat Mixer and Cantabile are working pretty well together. Not exactly my idea of “compact”

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