Filter to suppress sustain on a split


I want to suppress cc 64 for a split (ie the pedal sustains the organ my left hand is playing and doesn’t for the brass patch in my right). The problem is I only want to do it for one song state and the filters aren’t song state controlled. Any ideas? I’m probably missing something obvious here.



I’m not using different song states in a song but afaik song states can control midi routings (f.e. activate / deactivate a route). That said it should be easy to split your incoming midi-data into several streams using fix midi-filters in them.

This way you could have 4 routes f.e.:

  1. any information but cc64 for the organ
  2. any information but cc64 for brass
  3. only cc64 for organ
  4. only cc64 for brass

States should now be able to control any routing individually.

Hope I got your issue,

Regards, humphrey


Also, you can create routes that will only send note events and suppress everything else


Designed to be used with splits to controllers aren’t doubled up. Does this help?


Thank you @brad and @Humphrey, both these methods worked.

  • Paul