Feature Request: Replace racks with linked / embedded racks

Hey people,

I use a lot the “use different rack” function. But I just noticed, that it doesn’t work if I try to add a second linked rack which already is loaded in the song. As we all know it’s a current limitation to be not able to load the same linked rack twice. But I suggest that Cantabile gives the option to load this rack as embedded rack instead of just showing an error message that this rack is already loaded.

The reason why I don’t add the rack as new rack to my songs is, that I use a song-template when I start creating a new song. This template contains a bunch of dummy-racks with midi- and audioroutings. If I add a new rack to the song without the “use different rack”-function I have to set all those midi- and audioroutings again for this rack.

What do you think @brad?


Hi @FantomXR

You can import a linked rack as an embedded rack with the “Insert Embedded Rack (From File)” command:



Hi @brad,

yes of course! But this is not what I’m looking for. To explain it more easy:
If you use the “Use different rack”-function from the context menu and try to load a linked rack that is already loaded in the song you get an error message. It would be more helpful, if Cantabile of course gives you an error message but also would ask, if it should load the rack as embedded rack instead.

Anyway… I already have a workaround. I first convert the linked rack of the song to an embedded rack and after that use the “Use different rack”-function for another linked rack.

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Ah ok - understood. Let me think abou it.