Feature request: recording profiles

hi @brad,
i’d really like to be able to select a profile that would hold which midi and audio ports are selected for recording.
at the mo, every time a new port is added it is ticked by default as a recording port.
and at the mo, if i wanted to just record midi or audio, or certain input ports, then each time i have to scroll through a lengthy list and ensure everything is set.
the difference between tracking a band and grabbing a quick idea in midi is vast. being able to quickly select one or the other would be ace :slight_smile:
Neil B



I’d like to see savable “snapshots” of these port settings also!

What I resorted to for my live show series (where for each daily program I had to set up a different set of recording choices, though that stayed consistent for a day week-to-week) was to set up multiple configurations using this trick.


That retains the settings for that config, but having a choice of setups for the recording options would be even more ideal!


niceone Terry, will be checking multiConfigs out.

@Neil ,

After you set up your new config and have the shortcut in place, you can then go into your basic config and copy these files in C:\Users\you\AppData\Local\Topten Software\Cantabile 3.0 (x64) into your new config, pasting them in over the fresh ones that creating the config made in its own folder.

Background Rack.cantabileRack

That saves a ton of time!!! (The plugins ones are optional - you can just as easily just let it rebuild those.)


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Seems reasonable, let me think about it.

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Available now in build 3583. See here.


thank you!!!

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5 minutes later:

Gee Willikers!!!

Thanks, Brad!!! :smiley:



Don’t forget the conflicting examples… “Let me think about it”… 5 years later… nothing.


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