New Feature: Recorder Port Sets


As suggested here, build 3583 introduces ability to save sets of ports to record:


What a lifesaver! You have no idea how many times I either wholesale forgot to check an input or very nearly forgot! This is terrific!!! :smiley:



Thanks a million! I will certainly (constantly) make use of this feature-


@brad I think the same mechanism would work beautifully for saved sets of state behaviour too, so you can switch to prefered sets of state behaviour…



Very good feature @brad!


Implemented for the next build (3588), along with new commands “Load Default Behaviour” and “Load Factory Behaviour”.


Note that for plugins these saved sets only work for the behaviours common to all plugins (ie: they don’t work for the plugin’s parameter behaviours).


Yes!!! This is going to be a real time saver for me!! Thanks @brad :muscle:



Good feature! :slight_smile:
Is the same possible for the controller-bar? I’d love to have some “presets” on the controller bar.
In some projects I work with Ableton which is installed on another computer and both are connected via MIDI. I Start / Stop Scenes with the controller bar. But of course I’d like to use those buttons for something else in other projects where I don’t need Ableton.


Yes… probably.  


I need it! :slight_smile: It would be awesome, having controller-bar-presets.


Build 3588 (available now) has state behaviour presets.