[Feature Improvement] Setlist organization

Hey people,

I’d like to suggest an improvement for creating a new setlist. I think it could be much easier to create a new setlist as it’s now.
Now it’s like this:

  • Create a new setlist via the File-menu.
  • Click “Add Song”
  • Click “Browse”
  • Choose the song, you’d like to add
  • Select “Okay” or “Add”
  • Click “Browse” again
  • Look for the next song
    and so on…

Some time ago I worked with an iPad-App called SetList maker. There it’s much easier:
You open the dialog for adding songs to your setlist. Now you select the first song, select the second song, select the third song, and so so on. When you are done you confirm with “okay” and the setlist will be created depending on the order you choose your songs.

What do you think @brad? Does that sound useful to you?


If you hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard while selecting songs, you can do exactly the same in cantabile.

Regards, humphrey

I actually prefer the cantabile method. I tend to do it all from the keyboard.

  1. Create empty set list
  2. Click Add at the bottom of the list in the left window to open the song list
  3. Type the first letter of a song until the right song is selected
  4. Press enter key
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until list is full

I’ve used Set List Maker and it’s big brother Band Helper. It forces you to keep clicking back into the search window, which is annoying as it kept making me move my hand back to the mouse.