Facebook Login Removed

Hi All,

For personal reasons I’ve decided to disassociate myself and Cantabile as a business from Facebook. This includes:

  • the Cantabile Facebook page
  • all advertising on Facebook
  • the Facebook login to this community forum

That last point might affect your ability to login here. If you signed up using Facebook, to continue to use this site you’ll need to reset your password:

  1. Click the Login button at the top right.
  2. Click the “I Forgot My Password” link in the login popup.
  3. Enter the email address associated with your facebook account.
  4. You’ll get an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve written up a blog post explaining why here.



Hey @brad

I totally support this decision and knowing you I am not surprised. They are not truthful people over there and since you are it’s not sustainable …



Bravo! :+1: . . . . . . . . .

Got to give the thumbs up to this. I loathe Facebook…

An agreeable nod to you Brad. I left my 2 month association with Facebook over 6 yrs ago when friends and family asked about the products I was endorsing on their Facebook page. Of course, I wasn’t doing that, but Facebook gave my image, my name, and my contacts to advertisers to use at their will. As my attorney once said, “Facebook is a legal way to harass people”.

Same here thumbs up, no worries.

Likewise. Not a fan, but it is useful for keeping tabs on family and friends. Like nay tool, you just need to use it as you wish.

Yep. Becoming pretty disagreeable with social media. And Twitter is a cesspool

Thanks everyone. Like I said in the blog post, I don’t hold bad feelings towards anyone who continues to use it - this is a personal decision.

Can be, and not to say Twitter doesn’t have problems, but compared to Facebook: 1. you don’t really have private information stored on Twitter (pretty much everything is public) so the trust level in the company doesn’t need to be as high. 2.the content you see is almost entirely driven by who you follow - follow interesting people and it can be great.

I heartily support deletion of Facebook. As a specialist in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) I researched Facebook when just college/high school kids were using it and set it up for testing. During the first two years they changed the privacy settings on a regular basis so that even though we carefully set everything to “Friends” only visibility we regularly found Facebook had unilaterally changed it to public visibility. By 2010 we decided they were evil and discontinued providing Facebook consulting. I and many of my “real” friends deleted our FB accounts.


I totally understand. Your blog, website and this forum are so much more effective. And pleasantly ad-free :smile::smiley::smiley:


Bravo! I had to research how to kill my Facebook account years ago. The week after I managed that, I found that I had to revive it to sign into an unrelated site that required me having Facebook to get in. BUT, I have not visited my Facebook account for years now. What reward is there in telling the world every little thing about ourselves?

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I’ve seen a recommendation that you first delete all your content - then wait a month or two for their backup cycles to backup your empty account before you delete. I have no idea if that’s valid but it’s how most backup systems work. Otherwise your last full backup might sit there forever.


Yeah I’ve heard that too but I think the recent DMCA rules and so forth might have forced them to clean up their act (at least in Europe). Not sure about everywhere else.

For me I’m not worried about it as I never posted anything personal anyway - only public stuff. My main goal was to just stop supporting them.

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They’re all garbage imo. Bring back MySpace dang it

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Aside from being able to laugh at creative meme’s, I never saw the need. Though, watching people have family arguments in front of millions of people can be somewhat entertaining. My Facebook profile is the biggest pile of lies I could come up with and all my “friends” are members of my favorite sports team and I don’t know any of them. I communicate with family and real friends the old school way…text or dare I say it…a real live phone call. Most social media IMHO is a waste of time

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It has proven to be the path of least resistance (as of now) for keeping up with a few key people in my life. I have a public profile that I try to use as little as possible and a top secret one I do some interacting with. I post few personal pictures, not private info and I use FB Purity to filter out everything except funny animal videos and music fails. FB Purity is an amazing plugin. FB would be unusable for me without it.

Speaking of doing things it public- some… let’s not say friends, mild acquaintances- had a protracted divorce in public on FB. Never have seen anything like that.

Fred…just did a quick read on Purity. Some real good options in there. Unfortunately FB is not the only offender. You can barely do anything online without someone/company wanting personal info. I have several throwaway emails that are chock full of crap

That’s why I want MySpace back! Oh, I know it’s still there, but I mean like it was :smiley: