Facebook Login Removed


That’s mainly why I use, it as well as promoting music activities; it is certainly one of the best ways of doing that in my area. Like all things, use it sensibly and it will be fine. I do not share my life on it (I may post something every few months), I do not partake in political discourse on it. I do not go searching for cat videos (our cat is funny enough, anyway). But it allows me to keep up with Nieces and Nephews scattered around the world, or old friends I made when I did a large job in the desert the size of England that is Woomera in South Australia. Horses for courses, each to his own etc. :slight_smile:

Myspace? Yikes! I probably still have a few sites on that.


For me, Facebook sort of works because of its group pages and forums. All music-related of course. Most of my FB friends are fellow musicians. I hardly post anything unless it’s music related, and thanks to FBs great algorithms, hardly get to see any “normal” posts by actual friends. I must take a look at that Purity plugin. I totally understand and respect that Brad has decided to give Facebook the attention it really deserves – none.


The inventor of the web, Tim Berners-Lee, is working on several fronts to evolve the web so that people can control the use of their data.



PS: I am in no way questioning Brad’s decision, or other people’s dislike of FB. Each to his own, and just pointing out that to keep in touch with some family and friends who live on it, it is a necessary evil (mitigated by my what I choose to post).


I thought Al Gore invented the internet.


Very cool. It will be Interesting to see if it gains any momentum. I hope it (or something like) it does take off.