Documenting / Hints for splits

Looking for ideas on how to document and manage splits. Because Cantabile is so damn powerful, I have the ability to do a lot of splits, but when I don’t play for a while (or at all = COVID), I’m finding that I’m forgetting where the splits are.

How do others handle this? Ideally I’d be able to do something that I an leverage in Cantabile, but now I’m just putting together a worksheet so that I don’t forget it at all.

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The onscreen keyboard shows splits. Scroll down to see the screenshot.


Thank you Corky. I’m thinking you could start your own forum!

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I seem to be the only other person on here, lol!! :rofl:

That’s one of the reasons I moved back to a two-keyboard setup - e.g. have the lead sound on the upper and the main sound on the lower KB instead of having to know where the split is.

When I still have splits, I usually note them both in my show notes page in Cantabile as well in my song files in LivePrompter: “brass upper in Oct 6”, “left hand strings below G4”

That does the job nicely for me - the key range display is nice, but just too fiddly for my eyes to be useful in a live situation…



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Honest answer?

Bits of Blu-Tack on the panel just above my keyboard!!


So… after a bunch of trial and error, I settled on using notation (Finale) to do this. I don’t need to do it for every song on my list, but when I do it’s helpful. I can also make it part of my chart, or put it in the show notes so it’s “top of mind” with each song in Cantabile.

Still some work to do on this so it’s easier to read and more consistent, but it’s a good start and will translate well across tunes.

The only weird thing is that I have not found a way in Finale to create a “range” template like you see in orchestration/arranging books.
PatchMap - Range Example

I’ve been vamping on this concept now for a while, and came up with something that I think works pretty well, and I THINK I could actually automate the Cantabile splits pretty easily (though not those from my MOXF Performance splits).

I put together some keyboards in Excel (of all things - ) and came up with this.

Obviously I’ll edit out everything but the keyboards to put them into the Cantabile notes window. It’s a good visual reminder.

On a side note, at an audio think tank conference a couple of decades ago, we were musing over why all DAW’s looked like spreadsheets. Ron Kuper (Cakewalk CIO at the time) played with Excel and made it look just like Cakewalk Sonar :slight_smile:

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