Documenting / Hints for splits

Looking for ideas on how to document and manage splits. Because Cantabile is so damn powerful, I have the ability to do a lot of splits, but when I don’t play for a while (or at all = COVID), I’m finding that I’m forgetting where the splits are.

How do others handle this? Ideally I’d be able to do something that I an leverage in Cantabile, but now I’m just putting together a worksheet so that I don’t forget it at all.

Thanks in advance -


The onscreen keyboard shows splits. Scroll down to see the screenshot.


Thank you Corky. I’m thinking you could start your own forum!

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I seem to be the only other person on here, lol!! :rofl:

That’s one of the reasons I moved back to a two-keyboard setup - e.g. have the lead sound on the upper and the main sound on the lower KB instead of having to know where the split is.

When I still have splits, I usually note them both in my show notes page in Cantabile as well in my song files in LivePrompter: “brass upper in Oct 6”, “left hand strings below G4”

That does the job nicely for me - the key range display is nice, but just too fiddly for my eyes to be useful in a live situation…



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Honest answer?

Bits of Blu-Tack on the panel just above my keyboard!!