Docked Plugin GUIs (Now Available)

Something I’m playing with:


That would be very useful!

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That’s a winner … would LOVE to have this … trying to juggle these as floating windows is a constant hassle!

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Veeeeery nice!

Feature request with this: would be great to have binding targets to switch to a specific dock (like the “open GUI” window) - e.g. use a state change to switch to a tab with a tuner plugin with guitar songs.


Really nice. Would it be possible to have more than one GUI on one tab?

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Great idea

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Nice option to have.

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I might be asking for a lot here, but I’ll ask anyway!

This feature would be very useful to me if the plugins that are nested in Linked Racks could be docked at the Song level, and if that configuration could be saved with the Song.

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Docked plugins are always shown in the top level song tab.

You can control linked rack plug-in settings on a song level using exported settings. See here

Not at the moment.

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Good idea. Currently if the plugin is currently docked and you use the binding to show the plugin gui it will switch to that tab. There’s no explicit binding to show a closed plugin GUI in a dock - maybe I should add that.


Cool News ! Can’t wait to test it.

That’s already pretty nice - so if I’m in Show Notes view and trigger the binding to show the GUI, it would switch to e.g. the guitar tuner. But what happens when the “hide GUI” binding triggers? What tab would Cantabile then switch to? Ideally, it would be the one active before “show GUI” was triggered - in this case the Show Notes view. But I’d need to be sure, otherwise it could be a bit of a mess on-stage…

Will be interesting to see if this provides some relief for IK’s dreaded B3X “gui open taking the greater part of a song” issue…


Great! It will be very useful!

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve made a couple of tweaks:

First there are now separate binding points to show the GUI editor and the old binding point now explicitly opens the popup editor. I’ve decided against this. There’s still just one binding point and the plugin remembers whether it was last in docked mode or not. ie: once you dock a plugin it’ll always appear and re-open in docked mode (until you explicitly turn docked mode off).

Second closing a docked editor will return to the most recently active other tab (instead of always returning to the routing tab).

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Perfect :+1:

This looks great!

I am really excited about this.

Maybe Brad can chime in on whether this is a correct assumption.

My thought is that from the plugin’s perspective, if its gui remains open when docked but not currently displayed, then the excruciatingly slow gui open of B3X can be avoided on redisplay its dock. The dock allows the gui to remain open, and displaying the selected dock is essentially a Z order choice. If this is the case, then relief is on the horizon!