Docked Plugin GUIs (Now Available)

That’s correct - when docked the plugin GUI is kept open, but hidden in the background.

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Excellent news for B3X owners!

Great ideas!! :ok_hand:t3: :+1:t3:

Docked plugin GUIs available now in 4053.

See here for some usage tips.

This should be considered experimental for now - I’ve had to rework and clean up the plugin UI hosting code quiet a bit - so please report issues with any plugins not appearing/behaving correctly (either docked or in the popup window).


When in Detached mode, the plugin’s minimize “-” in the upper right is greyed out and doesn’t respond to click. After adding a second and third plugin, those plugins do not display the minimize “-” at all in Detached mode.

Thanks for reporting. Seems this has been a bug for quite some time. What version of Windows are you running. I think some versions of Windows hide the minimize button, while others disable it.

I couldn’t see any untoward behaviour here… but let me get the above problem fixed and see if it resolves this issue for you too.

W10 latest build.

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Hi Brad.

Plugin windows remain hidden on engine restart.
4052 and earlier were redisplayed.

This should be fixed in 4054.

Not following this. Plugin windows aren’t shown/hidden on engine stop/start. Can you please clarify exactly what’s different here, ideally including a set of steps to reproduce.

1.Load Song (Engine Started)
2.Open Plugin WIndow
3.[MENU] Engine Stop (then Plugin Window Close)
4.[MENU] Engine Start (4052 will Plugin Window reopen but 4053- not)

Is it working as expected?

Not sure why the plugin window is closing at step 3. See this video from 4054.

Do you have bindings opening/closing the plugin GUI or something else going on?

Oh? Is true…

I did some more research.
The phenomenon I reported occurred in the embedded rack Plugins.
Non-racks are fine as is the video.

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Works great!

Thanks for that - you’re right there was a small bug here. In the next build, toggling the engine on/off won’t hide plugin editors in contained racks.

Hi, Thanks for the docked GUI, it’s a really nice addition.
I’m now looking for a workaround so that when I’m in the docked GUI, I can quickly create or update Rack state (of the corresponding plugin’s rack) instead of Song state? Any idea? Maybe a binding that would tell current GUI’s container rack?
Thanks and regards,

Hi @matejb,

That’s an interesting point. I guess I could make the update state command work for the current rack state if you’re on the plugin view for a plugin in rack.


Hi @brad, that would be perfect for me but maybe it would be better to add a setting somewhere for people that save plugin data in songs instead of rack states…?

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