Different Gears and Setups


Hi Cantabileros :-),

how can I use Cantabile setups for different live gear on one PC or laptop?

Is it suitable to use different folders which must be activated and deactivated depending on the current gear or is it better to install cantabile on different external SSD-drives oder USB-sticks or sould I use different Windows installations on partition (for example) C and D which can be selected with a boot manager depending on the gear currently used?



not sure if I understand correctly but if you simply want to be able to have separate instances of cantabile available with different basic settings there is an easy way to achieve this described here: https://www.cantabilesoftware.com/guides/multiConfig

Regards, humphrey


Thanks a lot and sorry for my crippled English :wink: - I think that’s the clue - I’ll test it
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Cantabile manages multiple audio devices and midi devices quite handily by using “ports” where you can combine multiple audio/midi device channels from different interfaces in a single port. The only annoying thing is when you switch audio devices, you have to manually select the correct driver. All port settings will be remembered though.