Custom MIDI Buttons

Upon launching a Cantabile I have to manually reveal custom midi buttons. Is there any way that these will stay revealed without having to drag them up from the bottom after launching each session?

Hey John,

If you have the controller bar open when you quit Cantabile it should be there when you re-open. If you want to control when it opens and closes you can use bindings …

Is this what you mean?


I am back to being limited with Solo because I don’t have Song available as a source which mean I can’t enact the “On Load” command. The comprehensiveness of bindings is significantly more with performer.


It’s a bug in Solo - I’ll fix it.

Thanks. It’s a cool feature.

Hi @Howifeel

Unfortunately this is a Performer only feature. So the fix was to disable dragging it up in Solo/Lite.


No worries. Getting performer in January.

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