Create NoteOn on next beat/bar within Cantabile

Hi folks,

I and wondering if there is a way in Cantabile to have a “On next beat/bar” type trigger for any VSTi. I use Kontakt a fair bit and use this for improvised sessions to trigger loops but would be great if I could do this for synths (e.g. either sync’d LFOs or Arpeggiators). So when I press a key/pedal/pad the note won’t start until the next beat/bar.

Is there a Cantabile trigger that could emulate this or is anyone doing something similar with a VST (perhaps a utility VST of some sort)?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone wanted to so the same I found a solution after 3 short years… :smiley: Details in the post link above!

This may be of use too:

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Thanks for this… I wish I’d searched for MIDI Quantise/Quantize now :laughing:

The Kontakt script does just what I need for now but I might give this a shot too! Feels a little overkill loading an empty Kontakt to do this but for the moment I have enough RAM/CPU resources so all good. Note to self: Improve your own search parameters :wink:

That utility created by Neil did the job for me. Can you use that?

I’ll certainly give it a go… But the Kontakt workaround works a treat for me too (and I use it within my sample packs too so familiar with how it works) but keen to have options so will try it out. Looks a little more flexible so thanks for the pointer… Much appreciated :smiley: