Delay Note-On until next beat (emulate Kontakt performance quantize)

Hi there folks… I’m currently performing a set utilising lots of arpeggiators in various vsts (Arturia Mini/SEM mainly) alongside a bunch of loops via Kontakt and live performance keys and live mixing. It all works pretty well as I can use Kontakt’s Scripts (performance quantize I think its called). But as any of you using arpeggiators without this feature, if you are even slightly out with your timing it can become a mess - especially when playing multiple complex arp’d chords - don’t get me wrong its quite exiting and definitely keeps me focused but would be nice to be a little tidier in performing some tracks… So, I’m wondering is there any current feature/filter//binding set within Cantabile that would allow this kind of feature e.g. delay Note On until next beat?

Not urgent but keen to hear any ideas you might have (or even just to say… “nah… that ain’t gonna happen”)

10,000 thanks in advance… :sunglasses:

Nothing I’m aware of. But this could help when firing samples too.

Yea… Kontakt’s built in scripts work pretty well for this. You can trigger on next measure (so bar/beat/quarter note etc) and also works for the note off too. And I think Omnisphere has something similar in its arpeggiator too. But would be great to have something that could treat any VST notes like this… If I find any other MIDI plugin I’ll be sure to post it here but just curious if Cantabile could manage something like this? Hmm…

I did this with Halion/HalionSonic.
You have the option to sync ArpTriggers to Beat/Bar etc.

Hmm… Do you know if Halion allow this MIDI trigger to be sent externally? Or is it only an internal Halion feature? The reason being as my sound design is currently Arturia SEM and Mini so keen to keep using these synths which also means there internal arps but open to options…

It’s an internal feature.
For one show i triggered the click as an arp from Halion.
With the build-in feature to trigger on Beat/Bar i did all kind of FX-stuff like risers and swooshes (with LFO as fake-sidechain).
It worked perfectly but needed some practise.

Very interesting. I may have to revisit Halion then… Thanks for that!

Just in case anyone is interested (and sorry for reanimating a very old post), I have discovered that the script in Kontakt which is the Input Quantize script can also be sent as MIDI when Kontakt is configured to do so;

  1. Goto Options in Kontakt
  2. Under Engine select “script generated notes” in “Send MIDI to outside world”
  3. Route Kontakt MIDI out to whatever VST you want

I can’t believe I didn’t know this feature existed in Kontakt but this is a game changer for me for performing live using arps/loops etc (outside of Kontakt). Amazing… Maybe someone will find this helpful!