Can anyone recommend a MIDI 'quantiser'?

I would like a VST plug-in that can receive MIDI note inputs, store the last note played, but not issue the note to its output until the start of the next bar.

A sort of real-time quantiser?

I’ve dug around and not found anything that does this. Anyone aware of a possible solution?

Just purchased Kameleono. Looks like it will do the job.


There is hypercyclic, which is free, though it can be a bit of cpu hog.

Thanks. I’m actually using Hypercyclic as my arpeggiator(s), but I haven’t tried it as a quantizer.

I’ll give the setting above a try.

@Artcore Unfortunately this doesn’t work. The note has to be held for it to be triggered.

I need to be able to hit a note and take my hand off the key - then the note to trigger on the next bar start.

Ah, scratch that. I can use this together with Cantabile’s ‘Sticky Note’ feature. Now it’s working!

But it’s re-triggering every bar… I need to think this one through…



Nope, I can’t see a way of doing this with Hypercyclic. I’m back to a pair of Kamleono in series to time and clean up the input.

Thanks for the idea, though. In another context yours is a tidier solution, but not for my specific needs here.

Recently I’ve been using the Metronome in C4 as the clock source (“play” active). It seems to quantize the notes (with sticky property) ? I’m not sure this helps your use case, but I found it handy to keep everything tidy in my composition!

I’ve been meaning to have another play with Bluecat’s Plug’n Script.
There’s an example that sends events on a metronome. I should be able to hack that.
The nice thing about Plug’n Script is that it exports complete independent vsts.


There is also this plugin for scripting events.


@Neil I’m happy to grab BlueCat’s Plug’n’Script if it can give me a less hefty solution than two Kameleonos in series, as I have it now.

But I don’t know where to start building the script I need. I’m a coder, so happy to learn if you can point me at examples that do something similar?

@Artcore Similar. I’m happy to learn, but OO languages mostly baffle me! (BASIC and COBOL guy here!)

Just installed the x64 version of protoplug and Cubase has blacklisted it as ‘not a valid plug-in’. Works in Cantabile, though. Odd.

I’m using the vst2 version in Cantabile, but I can’t say how stable the plugin is in other DAWs.

I wonder if there could be a script node in future versions of Cantabile?

Well it’s working. The example chord generator is doing what it should. All I need to do now is build the plug-in I need! :crazy_face:

Looking at the script I think this is going to be way beyond my OO ability.

Yep, same for BlueCats’ scripting. Looking at the code I’m completely lost. To get from here to where I want to be would be a long, hard slog. Maybe I could rustle up a simple MIDI transposer, but storing notes and syncing to a MIDI clock source? That’s a lot to get under my belt from where I am now. I think I have to accept my limitations!

I’m a pretty mediocre coder but can usually get a result.
The demo fo Plug’n Script should be enough to work with.

The example code that is most useful is the /MIDI FX/midi metronome.cxx
It deals with working out when it needs to send on the first beat of the bar. It all based on time sig, position in the block, block size, etc. Quite confusing without a nicely worked example with diagrams.

I’m getting pretty close to a result though.
The spec I’m working to:
Take only the most recent note sent to the plugin and hold it until the next first beat of the next bar.
After sending the note on, send a note off event after a preset duration. (it doesn’t attempt to measure the duration of the received note on)
It sends the note on with the same velocity as played.

I’ll send over what I’ve done after I’ve had another play.

I’m humbled by your generosity.

There’s a free album for you if you can crack this!

Here’s a first build as a VST2.
You’ll need the .dll and the folder.
There’s no gui, there’s no need; just the one slider for duration.
I’ve only tested with 4/4 time sig.
Send On (4.7 MB)

Time load is around 6% on my average laptop.


That works brilliantly! :+1: :clap: :clap: :clap:

It even solves the problem I was having with my existing rig that I can re-trigger the same note to re-fire a drone note.

Hopefully it does work with odd time signatures, because I do use a few! Lol!

I can imagine a few people finding this useful. Maybe if it could be made to quantise to other divisions? But for me, this is it!

I’d love to dig into the code and learn, so if you’re happy to share I’m all ears. But I understand if not.

It worked fine with wide mix of time sigs in Cantabile.

I don’t fully understand how the timings are calculated and this is holding me back from optimising it.
Is the duration parameter actually useful? I could just set it to a fixed value.

Here’s the code:
midi send on (1.5 KB)

The duration is very useful, yes!

If I can get my head around it I will make a few enhancements.

This discussion makes me wonder if there is a way to record midi with a quantize option in Cantabile.

Anyone know if it can be done ?

Circlys or Mulab 9 plugin will help.