Crashes with VB3 II



I’m having crashes using VB3 II and Cantabile in Windows 10. I’ve contacted several times with Guido from GSI and he says that I’m the only one reporting crash reports since version 1.1.1

Anybody having the same problem?

Maybe the problem is C3?

Any idea what can I do?



Hi Ramon

Are you possibly using Cantabile x86? If you are, VB3 II is 64bit only, and would probably crash on you. I don’t recall anyone having crashes with it, but you never know what may crop up. Has it run well prior, or not ever?



It’s running fine for me on two Win10 laptops and a Win7 desktop (never froze up or crashed even once)


Cantabile 64 bit… it runs good for some days and then it crashes in the middle of a song… luckily in a rehearsal… it happened 4-5 times since it came out last year… Brad says I should contact Guido, and Guido says he cannot do anything…




If it is linked to a specific song or setup when it crashes, run the profiler to see what the culprit is. It could be something else within certain setups. Does this happen with VB3 II alone in a setup?


hi Corky,

it does happen in all the songs that I have that are running just VB3 II. No other VST’s involved.

The only thing I can think of that may be causing a heavy load on VB3 II is that I use to play with lots of glisandos and triggering the Leslie at the same time… but since I cannot replicate the crash…



BTW, is there any tool that could help identifying the root of the problem, something like a ram recorder, system resources analizer, or anything else? The worst part is not knowing what to do or try…



Hi Ramon

I know how your situation feels, and it is very frustrating for sure. Other than using C3’s profiler and Windows task manager, I don’t really know without being in front of your computer. If Brad sent you to Guido, and Guido is shrugging his shoulders, I doubt that I will be much help either. Hopefully someone else on the forum, that is more technically blessed than I, will chime in. In the meantime, I would uninstall VB3 II, reboot, and re-install it. It is possible it became corrupted somehow, but if it is doing this while performing a glissando and changing Leslie speed, it smells of resource overload, which is absolutely not normal for the small demands of VB3. If it is overload, you will see it in Profiler and Task Manager. If it was a RAM issue, you would eventually notice it with other VSTs and other programs.

You may have to wait until it rears its ugly head again, and send a crash report to Brad. Until then, you will just have to reluctantly wait it out. I’ve had similar problems before, but they never returned. After time, I regained trust.

Let us know if anything changes, or you discover the problem. It may help someone else in the future. Wish I could be more helpful.



EDIT: Also make sure you are using the latest release in case an update cleared up a problem.


Hi Ramon,

Each time Cantabile crashes ( I assume you are saying that C3 crashes while using VB3II ) it creates a .zip file with all the crash logs. There might be some information in the crash .zip files that helps figure it out. To access them you go to Tools>Open Settings Folder and you will see them there dated and ready. If you could find the latest one and post it here, some of us could examine it to see about clues and what other tests we might try to figure it out.



Hi Ramon,

I’ve been troubleshooting PC’s since the late 80’s when you needed to use jumpers to get a card to use the right memory location. In assessing this situation I think there are two possibilities.

The first you have mentioned, perhaps there is something unique about the way you play that is different from the rest of us and causing the issue.

The second would be to focus on your hardware and also look at what other software you’re running.

Here is an example of the above second possibility. On my practice laptop I haven’t uninstalled a click to run version of Office 365 because I keep some of my music organization in spreadsheets. Even though I’ve disabled every update switch and registry setting I can find it still runs telemetry calls home and who knows what when I wake up the laptop. If I’m running my Jamstix swing drummer, VB3 II and IK Leslie it’s pop and crackle time unless I let it do its thing for few minutes. Yes, I’m going to get around to removing Office one of these days!

You should walk through Glitch Free, the excellent windows optimization and tuning bible by none other than our fearless leader, Brad Robinson.

The following is moot if you’re running your laptop offline only but here goes.

I have the windows 10 built in anti-virus running but I’ve excluded it from scanning any plugin or music program folders although when the above problem occurs I see it as one of the many windows components eating up cpu cycles.

Speaking of viruses, maybe you should scan the machine with some scanners like AdwCleaner, MalwareBytes and Emisisoft command line scanner.


+1 for Glitch Free!!

Also, I’ve taken to using Bitsum Process Lasso at the recommendation of several here. It is a real-time optimizer. Seems to be working really well. Only downside is frequent updates (which take only a few seconds).


I’ll try reinstalling VB3 II.

The profier tells me I’m just at 25% the resources, even with glissandos and changing leslie speed.



I’d already send the crash file to Brad and Guido, but they couldn’t say anything about it.

Anyway here it is: (164.2 KB)



It is a rather new laptop that I just use for Cantabile and the VST’s running inside. I followed the Glitch free recommendations and uninstalled all the unnecessary software. So the only one program in the laptop is Cantabile. Internet connection is also deactivated and it is just activated in case of VST updates that need a connection to renew the license. I don’t remember what I did with the antivirus and firewall, will check. And also will scan the pc.



Hi Ramon,

You are following recommendations better than I am :grinning: so this is more a mystery. What kind of laptop is it?



I’m looking at the log you posted. I notice you have JBridge. With VB3 1.4 people here including Brad recommend running the 32 bit in JBridge. No one has recommended running VB3 II 32 bit under JBridge but that would be an interesting experiment. I know you shouldn’t have to do that but one thing I’ve learned in troubleshooting software is to not be dogmatic :grinning:


HP Pavilion x360 14-ba139ns - runs really smooth and powerful to my needs. I’m really very happy with it, although I’m not using the touch screen.

I’ve already reinstalled VB3 and checked antivirus and firewall.

i’ll now scan the PC. What free scanner would you recommend me?



It looks like C3 crashed at the end of the log when right after unloading VST “B4 II” in the song “Carry On Wayward Son”

Here is that part of the log: (I italicized the the plugin name)

04074373 7 [06112:2]: VST Plugin- B4 II (0x0000000032E0C730) - Closed
04074373 0 [06112:2]: Rack unloaded
04074373 0 [06112:2]: Active song set
04074373 0 [06112:2]: Song loaded
04178958 104585 ! [06112:0]: Exception context: Unhandled exception filter
04178958 0 ! [06112:0]: Native exception: code:0xc0000005


Maybe you could try running B4 II as 32 bit in JBridge

EDIT - Just used NotePad++ with JSON viewer plugin to look at plugins.json and see that you are already using B4 II 32bit (probably only version of it available)


BTW, I’m having fun troubleshooting Cantabile, this is how I became an IT pro, moonlighting this kind of stuff during my days as a PC hardware sales person.