Crash opening VST 2 plugins when loading song/rack

I am using v3669. Unfortunately, the issue with Cantabile crashing during startup reappeared. The “flush tails” option did not help.

Just upgraded to the latest v3672 stable, dropped one instace of RRNoise, saved the song and relaunched Cantabile. Everything fine again. I will see how it turns out on the long run, after a few reboots and daily use.

Thanks for the advice!

Someone cheered toi soon. :persevere:
I reloaded the song I just created, also the one I created yesterday. Both crash on load/startup.
See my crashdump “Cantabile-b3672-x64-2021-03-24-13-49-28.mdmp” for detail.

For some reason Cantabile behaves really moody with some of my plugins.

Hi @Ellef,

This is a different issue to the one described in the other post so I’ve moved it to a new topic.

I’ve seen this crash a couple of times now but haven’t been able to reproduce it. It’s related to opening the GUI of some plugins.

Could you run a couple of tests for me that might help diagnose this?

  1. Start Cantabile and make sure no pre-loaded set lists are loaded
  2. Create a new blank song
  3. Load the plugin librnnoise_vst (as used in the song you sent with the crash report)
  4. Open the plugin GUI
  5. Close the plugin GUI
  6. Save the song
  7. Close Cantabile
  8. Re-open Cantabile and the song
  9. Open the plugin GUI
  10. Save the song (with the GUI open)
  11. Close Cantabile
  12. Re-open Cantabile and the song

and let me know which step (if any) it crashes on.


Good news! The issue has not reappeared so far. The noise plugin works stable since I upgraded to 3672. :slight_smile:

Regards and many thanks for the help