[Fixed] Crash on Startup. Need help

Hey Guys,

If I seem a bit distracted at the moment it’s because something has changed that’s causing Cantabile to crash on startup for new users - and it’s affecting old and new builds so I don’t think it’s something I’ve changed in Cantabile. I’ve not been able to reproduce it, but I’m getting lots of crash reports and need to get it sorted asap.

Has anyone here noticed this issue? Basically a crash as soon as you start Cantabile, possibly during licensing screens? If so, please get in touch if you have time to help diagnose it - brad@cantabilesoftware.com

Also, you might notice a couple of builds immediately marked as stable - that’s because I’m making minor changes and need crash reports sent back as soon as possible for review. I’m being very careful with these changes and the builds should be just as stable as the previously marked stable version but you don’t really need to take these builds if you’re current setup is stable.

Unfortunately until I get this resolved my efforts need to be solely focused on this and I’ll get back on other issues as time permits (ie: please be patient)


Hi Brad,

Nothing here on startup, and I’ve gone through a couple of Windows updates. I have had a couple of crashes on shutdown, but I’ve had those once in a while since I first started with C3 so I’ve not paid much mind, especially as lately I’ve been digging around in all sorts of nested weirdness so I’m not sure which bit of the matrix I may have disturbed. I did send the crash report from the last one though.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help find out what’s happening.



I had a couple of crashes a few weeks ago, right after I renewed my license. I don’t know how that would cause a crash. However, I crashed several times during a recent rehearsal, using the same setups I’ve used for at least 2 years. I will see if I can duplicate it and get back to you.


The crash logs may still be in your system files folder @Corky, if you remember the approximate date. I’ll check mine, do you recall about when?

Thanks Dave, will be looking. I am thinking maybe last Thursday, or 2-3 Saturdays ago. Those were the only rehearsals I’ve had recently.

On 2nd thought, pretty sure it was last Thursday. It started crashing while I was changing states, and thinking it crashed on startup after that. Going to to check it out now.

Thanks guys. None of this sounds like the issue at hand. It’s a crash before the audio engine is started, songs loaded etc… very early in the startup.

Thanks for the info Brad.

I’ve just put up a new build 3669 which should resolve the issue.

For those curious this was caused by a change in the way Cantabile validates email addresses during license activation. It used to use a regex, which was found to fail on some email addresses so late last year I changed it to use a .NET method specifically designed for email validation.

But, but that method has this week started to randomly crash for some users. I don’t know why and not worth spending the time sorting it out. I’ve switched back to a simpler regex that catches common errors and will leave it at that. Simple is better.

Thanks for help with this guys - crisis averted. I’ll return to answering other support questions tomorrow.


@brad, I installed Cantabile 3669 in two real PCs and one on a virtual machine, all Windows 10 20H2. I have been unable to reproduce any crash. All startups after installation were fine, as well the input of the licenses.
Let me know if you need any additional test.


(OK, it seems you need no more test) :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad it’s sorted, good sleuthing!


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Thanks for your efforts @cpaolo. It’s a weird bug that happens on some machines but not others - must be a particular build of Windows or perhaps a particular update being installed or missing. Definitely affecting a lot of users based on the crash reports I’m getting. Seems to be fixed now though :slight_smile:

I have had a lot of issues with some surround plugins in the past weeks. Plugin insertion and configuration is mostly not an issue. Most of the time Cantabile crashes during launch, when a song with such plugins inserted is being loaded. I have also had this issue with a noise filter (RRNoise by Werman on Github) yesterday. Fortunately, I could fix that by activating the “flush tail sounds on suspend” option. Restarting Cantabile works fine with this plugin now. Looks like it is an initialization issue.

Hope to see some further stability improvements in the future. :slight_smile:


Hi @Ellef,

There’s been quite a few stability fixes in the most recent experimental build 3671 related to plugin GUI display and positioning. Not sure if any of these explicitly address the issue you’re describing but worth trying.

If you’ve got a reproducible case in 3671 let me know and I’ll check it out.


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