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Was going to say, that eq stomp actually works really well as a gain boost. Also, the mid-eq on te cabinets themselves has a huge effect on the dirt of the sound.


In my opinion, B-3x preamps get too midrangey and dirt when driven, I´m using IKM leslie with VB3 and i bypass 122 premp and push with IKM diode overdrive stomp, works great as it doesn´t color signal, I have set diode overdrive so when push It maintains original tone and use the drive knob for driving leslie, no color just a nice drive.


So you want more of a Bluesbreaker overdrive than a Tube Screamer?


If you cruise thru this thread, you will see many ideas on this. As I mentioned above, when I play a real Hammond, I carry a TREK 2 UC1a preamp expression pedal. The whole point is to push the Leslie amp to breakup. On B3-X (and most other clones) I can get those sounds in the Leslie/Amp page, without using a pedal sim. I want my clone to respond like the real deal, so the thought process in this is for the swell pedal to control the gain of the Leslie amp. Most of my presets above were designed to perform that way. I was able to get that feel in all the clones, some better than others, without use of any outside FX.

However, my performance rig is setup with EQ, and a few other things to enhance live gigs. @FredProgGH is totally correct…just a slight EQ setting will work as a boost. I saw Studio guitar players in the past depending on their eq pedal to dial in amazing tones with a slight boost in certain frequencies. It has been the secret sauce of Nashville pickers for years.

The mid eq on the IK Leslie is my go to for dirt. Doesn’t work as well in other clones. It has to be subtle though, just like EQ. There are differing degrees of dirt, so it really is personal taste. Quite a “dirt” difference between Booker T and Jon Lord and Gregg Allman.


Great, i also use the swell pedal to control gain, works great, similar to a guitar volumen pot. Regarding mid eq you mean in the leslie amp or the leslie eq?


Leslie amp.


Thanks, I don´t like the saturation it gets when passing amp drive from 60% aprox. I still prefer crumar mojo or ferrofish 4000 driven tone,


Hi, regarding key presets in B3-X, should be possible to assign that keys to my M-audio code controller pads? Thanks.


Hi Wurli

No reason you couldn’t in Cantabile. You could set it up in a rack and assign the presets to the controller pads, and just drop the rack in any song you want it in, although state changes could also be used. I let the song and song states remember what preset I need, so I don’t have to memorize them as pad locations. Alas, the beauty of Cantabile. In most of my songs, I will have a preset integrated in a rack, but use the drawbars, vibrato/chorus switches and percussion switches, on my controller, to vary my sound within a song. Just like the real deal.

BTW…haven’t forgotten you. Just finishing up some over due projects, and had to recover them from a corrupted external drive…Whew! Got lucky this time.


Been finding videos of Hammond players on YouTube. Jimmy McGriff, Jimmy Smith (sometimes together), Bill Doggett, Wild Bill Davis, Richard “Groove” Holmes, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Charles Earland. Many videos show their hands playing. This one of Booker T playing Green Onions at Daryl’s House is pretty good.


Thanks, i´m not using C3 as it only works on windows, but i could achieved in my Mainstage VST host in MAC, as easy as assign presets notes to pads. Nice you could recover your projects, i always sync valuable files in a external NAS drive. Regards


Hi, after so much time tweaking and learning how B-3X works, i fell really happy with the software only idea for live performance, i don´t want to carry my loved Crumar mojo anymore, so i need some advise for a good controller with nice key organ feel, actually I own an M-audio code, not bad, but not the best keybed for organ playing. Thanks.


I’m currently waiting with great excitement for @FantomXR to finish my custom keyboard (see here), which I am convinced will absolutely ROCK for Hammond duties - I’ll report here once I have it.

In the meantime, I’m reasonably happy using my Yamaha Motif XF and XS - pretty decent keybed, especially compared to my previous choice (Alesis VI-49 - great selection of controls, but not a very nice keybed).




Hi Corky, for the organ intro of Gimmie, i find blue3 type A saturation the best of all my VSTs, works great with slow leslie but on the other side, that grit makes blue 3 fast leslie doppler effect get lost, in other words, nice slow leslie in Blue 3 but don´t like fast leslie, if i use IKM leslie I loose that nice distorted tone i get with blue3 in slow mode…


When I create presets on on a clone with added IK Leslie, I rarely use the clone’s distortion, just because the IK can be dialed in easier, and sounds natural. I am not a fan of the Blue3 distortion, and it’s rotary is hard to tame. I still use Blue3 occasionally, and after chatting a few times with the developer, got great insight into his perspective. The beauty of Blue3 is it’s many tonewheel sets. I’ve been able to tame it’s harshness, and get some great tones with the resident rotary.

I created the Gimmie Some Lovin’ preset above based on the original recording, which is very gritty. Not like the later live Steve Winwood versions. There are drawbar changes in the chorus, and every internet drawbar attempts I’ve seen never got it quite right. For me, I use several Hammond clones on stage, just because some do it better than others. I’ve performed GSL many times through the years, and VB3 1.4 was my goto. Now, I am likely to use B3-X for the highs VB3 didn’t have. Also, Winwood used dual 122’s (modded) to get his sound. Adding a dual IK Leslie on top of B3-X is interesting, but not “outstanding”.

IMHO, when using IK Leslie, I mostly do not use the clone’s fx. That means distortion, reverb, eq…let IK handle all that.


Nice Corky, following your advice i could get a nice gritty tone from IKM leslie once I set B3-x Balance to the left, last makes a big difference.


Hi corky, how could I add dual IK Leslie on top of B3-X? as far as i know B3-X is not multi-output as Blue3. Thanks


This is where the beauty of Cantabile shines. I do not know Mainstage, but I do know I can use 1 dry output of B3-X to go to 2 instances of IK Leslie. I’ve done it several times.


I´m not sure, Mainstage works like any daw, you can insert up to 15 effects in a channel strip so they are serial linked, or routing via send effects, that I guess works in parallel and should be the way to go, need to test.


I basically have 1 instance of B3-X, routed to 2 IK’s. The IK’s are routed to the main outputs. The IK’s should have slightly different settings from each other, which makes it very interesting, especially when panned. Can set it up in less than a minute. Like I said…the beauty of Cantabile. @brad is a SUPER Genius!