Corky’s VST Organ Tips and Tweaks Page 🎹


Took a listen earlier and it didn’t grab me. Not in the way their other effects have.


Well it is but it needs to expand :wink: And it needs to be recognized!

#846 meets the criteria of which you speak…and is well established. They are not about VSTs, even though there is some discussion. They all have an extensive list of all their hardware under their moniker.


No, I already admitted there were Hammond snobs. WE’RE the organ VST snobs! I see they have a virtual organ section but discussion of anything beyond Organteq or Hauptwerk seems beneath them :smiley:



Yes we are !! AND we wear it very well! :wink:


There’s more valuable hammond (and other) organ VST info in this thread than all other vst/organ forums put together. I do have to give a shout out to Keyboard Corner though, I’ve read some interesting posts there that I found through searches.


A “Leslie” without a “drive” dial - hmmmm…

I get that for a guitar stompbox (they get their overdrive elsewhere) and for vocal or other effect, so maybe that’s the reason there are no organ sounds in the demo.


Isn’t “A Leslie without a drive” a line from a Doors song? :grinning:


I’ve been experimenting with Klevgrand Spinn. I was able to get an…ok sound, but nothing I would use. Good concept though.


Funny, I was just looking at that recently.


It’s much better than the Eventide, but still not worth all my extra time.


Well, at least Klevgrand makes it clear a Leslie simulation wasn’t what they were after. They have some funky stuff.


They really do. I picked up Stark sometime back. Not bad for a 1st try amp sim.


Just signed up to be a part of this interesting thread. I noticed a few setup presets that were presented in Cantabile format.I was curious if the B-5 and IK Leslie presets could be made available in a format that I could use in a DAW, Cubase in my case. I rarely use Cantabile, only for live, but use these VSTis constantly in my studio via Cubase.

Corky, It’s very kind of you to do all of this work for the organ clone community!




Thanks for the kind comment and for joining this forum. We have a lot of great people here. I think I have all the presets saved as VST presets. I could possibly share them with you thru PM. Give me some time, and I’ll see what I can do. I wanted to share these exclusively with our members, because they have given so much to me. I will get back to you soon.




Much appreciated. No rush, of course. I’ll do whatever I can do to help out in this community.
At the moment, my go-to is B-5 using their sim as well. I just put the Amplitube Leslie in place of the B-5’s for my new track and feel that it is slightly better. The music is in the heavy prog rock context.
Live I have been using the HX-5 hardware box and Neo Vent 1, which has served me very well.



I forgot to mention that I also use the Lounsberry pedals, Tall & Fat and for rock, his Organ Grinder pedal.


Those pedals are great for hardware. I am totally software for many years now, and there are many boost, and amp options, which I use in my live rig. I do occasionally sit behind a real Hammond in studio work, and backup for church services. I also carry a TREK 2 UC1a preamp pedal with me to those gigs, just in case I need to get filthy. It is expensive, but will light up a standard Leslie very nicely. I recouped the cost several times over now.


Hi Corky, thanks for the last shared presets : amazing work ! I didn t manage to produce better sounds with my Vox AC15 and tube Screamer pedals. So I will go for the VST way with my band while I m working daily my rock hammond techniques…
I plan to upgrade my gear : do you think buying a mojo xt to replace my M Audio Oxygen 49 is a good idea ? Here are my needs with Cantabile :

  1. playing your B5 with IK Leslie presets on a dual manual midi keyboard (already loaded as racks in my Cantabile setlist.)

  2. controlling the IK rotary speed and the B5 swell only with my right foot : I saw a Crumar swell pedal with switches that seems very useful… Have you ever tried it, by chance ?

  3. feeling the sensitivity of a good keyboard, to be closer as possible to the real thing.

  4. Controlling the IK drive with the Mojo drive button

  5. The last but not the least : I d like to change Cantabile States thanks to the Mojo XT drawbars presets buttons… Not sure if it could be done easily.

To put it in nutshell, do you think Crumar Mojo XT or CLASSIC would be a reliable MIDI instrument to work with States and VST racks in Cantabile ?

Thanks by advance to the MOJO players



Hi Pierrick

Glad you enjoyed the presets. I will post more soon, but I’ve been bogged down with house repairs and 2 music projects recently.

Nothing wrong with going to a Mojo. I am currently using an Oxygen 49 for my 2nd tier, and it does just fine. Not really enthused about it, but it is extremely light, which is what I needed getting around with a fractured hip. It does have enough sliders, pads, knobs, and switches to get me thru a gig. My E-Mu Xboard 49 has the perfect keys for organ playing. Unfortunately, they no longer make them. For the best feel, I am sure the Mojo would be the choice. It is really a personal decision.

Not a problem…I can get you there.

You don’t really need a Crumar pedal to achieve that. I use a Line 6 pedal…works very well, less expensive.

If you can find a good used E-Mu (above), it is a good keyset for a Hammond. Then there is the Mojo.

I don’t have a Mojo, but I am sure it can be done with Cantabile.

Shouldn’t be a problem.

I see no reason why it couldn’t be, but I would have to check the specs 1st.