Corky’s VST Organ Tips and Tweaks Page 🎹


Oh, my dear Dave ! What wonderful news during these curious times ! Thank you so so much.



Not yet but I ll have a look… Maybe better distorsions through its cabinets settings ?


Yes. I think I have an example posted. Lemme check.


I made an example, just so you could hear the difference from one setting of B5. I could have adjusted EQ and such, but just let it ride as it was. Used a mini keyboard on my lap, and it kept trying to fall into the floor. :roll_eyes:

The dirt in B5 is not as good as Ik. I can get it much dirtier, with IK, but I just used a standard setting. The B5 setting was off their own presets. I can do much better on B5 with my own settings…just saying.

Then there is always B3-X (drowning in reverb). IK Leslie built in.


Hey Corky, your demo samples are so cool ! IK Leslie sounds absolutely amazing ! And your B5 preset is all I like in organ. Congratulations again. I am so pleased to have discovered this forum. Yesterday night, I built a New C3 rack from your Deep Purple preset shared. It is absolutely brilliant.

Last request please : Is there a way to save different presets from a same rack dedicated to each song ? For instance : Song 1 = Deep Purple preset / Song 2 = Pink Floyd preset and so on.


If I am understanding…Yes. I have a B3-X rack with all my presets. They are selected by rack state. When a song is loaded, it automatically selects a saved state for that song. The preset for that particular song will be ready on load.

If you want that B5 preset, I can send it to you.


Thanks Corky ! Good news ! That is exactly what I was thinking about with Rack States. All right if you validate this option. Does it mean that any preset will change instantly when I ll hit the button to switch between rack States ? I guess it will with a preloaded rack…

I am going to buy IK Leslie right now thanks to your perfect soundclips ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It sounds so good ! Is it easy to share IK Leslie presets ? And how do you manage to turn off B5 Rotary from Acoustic Samples, please ? Sorry but I feel so enthusiastic following your clever keyboardist investigations. So I am surfing on the wave.


Oh yes, my Lord ! Especially if you refer to B5 preset from your Soundclips :ok_hand::musical_keyboard:


Yes…BUT, with B5, if your preset changes Hammond model, it will take a few seconds to load…so, not instant. That has been a problem with B5 since day one. Some of my presets have different models, mainly for different tones I can’t get with the same model. Again, only a few seconds. The best thing is, if B5 rack is preloaded, it responds very quickly.

Yes…just like anything else. Load preset into IK rack, just like you’ve been doing.

On the Leslie page, switch rotary to DI. My “B5 + IK” presets have that item taken care of. There will be an IK preset along side of the B5 preset.



Here is the B5 preset you wanted.


Thanks again, Corky. I downloaded the famous IK Leslie demo T Rack 5, then easily played B5 shared presets. It is fantastic ! You guided me in front of the Heaven s doors ! A great révolution in this virtual world !


Glad you like it! Tu me dois une Pina Colada!! :wink:
Amusez-vous avec le nouveau jouet!



Whenever you want ! But I can not send it as easily as B5 presets. Thanks Corky. A bientôt.




Definitely B-3X :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW, IK is going to win the Guiness book of world records for most often mispelled product name.


Do you mean X-3B?


Right up there with KI Ampytude



Recreate this one!
Make your organ talk (Hammond that is)


That one is going to do a number on my motorized faders :roll_eyes: