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Nice! Bassist is kicking it.


I was going to post the exact same!


Like the band name too!


2 Apr 2020

Hammond B-3X Update 1.3

New presets from Jordan Rudess and more for Mac/PC and iOS.

Jordan Rudess, the sponsor whore, is now with IK Multimedia.

Will have check it out and see what Jordan knows about Hammonds. I am sure they will be made to run the keyboard as fast as possible, and in the key of C. :smirk:

I think Jordan ran thru these presets as fast as he plays. Some of them are ok though. IMHO… he apparently spent 5 minutes dicking with presets, then picked up his endorsement check. :grin:


As I expected: Speed and White Keys


Amazing work, Corky ! I am blown away by your skills ! It is so good, especially for the B5… And your way to share it is so easy thanks to Cantabile presets folders. No more CPU issues. I must confess I’m looking for YES presets, because you talked about it sooner. I saw them Live about 5 or 6 times and Rick Wakeman was absolutely great !


A lot of Rick’s settings (but not all of course) were all white drawbars and 2nd harmonic percussion (if any)- all fundamental and octave, with C2. Early on he drove the Leslie, later it was very clean and sometimes he ran direct (blechh :smiley: )


Thank you Pierrick!

Sounds like a request to me. :grin:

I have 3 Yes presets already, but when I share, I have to get close to the same tones on 5 different clones, which takes a little time. The IK Leslie has really helped the lesser plugs get where I need them. When I get a chance, I will post an audio file so you can hear the difference.

Keep your eyes open for a future presets. :wink:




I agree Fred. BTW, I was able to purchase a digital download of your album. I haven’t received an email link yet, but anxiously looking forward to crank it up!


Because today was my first experience in this Preset Mania Wonder Land, I noticed here and there that IK Leslie seemed to be a good solution for many virtual organ players. I thought B5 leslie was one of the Best but maybe it was a mistake… Anyway, thanks for teaching me so much things about my New hobbie : learning rock hammond !


Oh yes I do !


I still use B5, and, as of today, I don’t believe I made a mistake when purchasing. Later…IK Multimedia came out with a real Leslie VST. We all drooled. EVERYTHING sounded great through it. The problem in every Hammond clone, was the Leslie. VB3 was great in its day, and still has a great Leslie sound. But, IK Leslie changed the game.

Last fall, IK joined together with Hammond/Leslie and produced B3-X. It is nearest the real deal. I still love VB3, Blue3, and B5. Not as enthused by VB3 II, but it kicks ass with IK Leslie.

B5 still makes me feel like I am the same room with a real Hammond. Acoustic Samples makes all their instruments sound like you’re sitting at the real deal. The B5 distortion (outside of the amp) leaves a lot to be desired. The amp inside of the B5 Leslie does very little. Basically Gain and subtle EQ. Hopefully Arno at AS has noticed what IK is doing. Regardless, B5 is still a great product.


I read in an interview somewhere that he like to add a lot bit of chorus to the sound too.

  • Paul


Exactly ! The B5 Drive button could be better, if I compare it to the HammR + Vst organ I love too for its rocker vibe !

And is it possible to edit a rack in C3 to play the B5 through the IK Leslie ? Did someone try it ?


I have a rack for B5 + IK, but it would be easier to incorporate it into Dave’s rack, which wouldn’t be hard to do. That way you could use rack states to change between IK, and B5 resident Leslie with one touch of a switch.
Do you have IK Leslie?


Sounds good ! I will definitely give a try to the IK Leslie. I started an upgrade for B5 v. 2.5 from Dave’s presets. It s gonna take à while since I chose the very old school way : i-e screen shots to the B5 interface older version to édit it thé same way in the 2.5 upgrade. It will save my CPU average.


If I am understanding you correctly, you are going to work off screenshots to transfer settings from older versions of B5?
If so, save yourself a lot of trouble and save them as C3 presets, then you can import them into newer version 2.5.2. Most of them will transfer over, especially 2.0 to 2.5.2.


Thanks Corky because I was about to show everybody how much I m an idiot ! :sweat_smile:


I do that all the time…but forum members expect it of me. :smirk:
Not to worry :+1:


Hi Janot, @Pierrick

I posted a 2.5 update yesterday so check out the thread here

Might save a lot of time …