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Glad you are enjoying the thread. As you can see, we’ve gone through a lot since we started this. Many Hammondites here. We’ve covered a lot of territory here, so read on if you dare. :wink:





I have been working on a song from our old 2000 cd Chronometree, which had imho probably the best organ sound we’ve ever put down on tap- er, hard drive. No tape, ADAT. :smiley: Anyway though- I had a sound on VB3 that was pretty dang good. It’s the stock Emerson 888000000 with percussion and chorus. The original recording was my old Hammond/Suzuki XM-2 going through a Mesa-Boogie head into a 147.
I got BX3 loaded into C3 today and set up a sound on it and liked it- it was thicker and more present than VB3, a little more realistic but when I was a/b-ing back and forth VB3 still had a quality I liked. That smooth growl. Neither was perfect, though in the long run I think BX3 was a wee bit better.
So then I thought, I wonder what happens if I just turn them on at the same time and HOLY F**KING SH*T I THINK SOME POOH ACTUALLY CAME OUT OF ME

True story.


That happens to me quite often, usually without notice.

So VB3 + B-3X is the s**t then?


Yeah, it really seemed to kind of add to each what the other lacks. I only had about 5 minutes to play with it, I plan to do more tonight.


Are both in stereo??


Yes. In headphones there didn’t seem to be any real indication of 2 Leslies going st the same time. It sounds like one organ.


I just tested B-3X + VB3. very nice.
Then I tested B-3X + B5. also very nice

Then I tested B-3X + B5 + VB3 + Blue3, it ran at 49% load, and it had that multiple Leslies sound. Somewhat like a wall of Leslies…followed by an unexpected pooh.

I am afraid to add VB3 II. I will surely run out of paper.


Don’t try them all at the same time, the universe may implode. I’d be tempted to go ahead and add old NI B4 in on top of it all if I can find it on a backup drive.


I know, right? :rofl:


I wound up really compressing BX3 and using the 147 cab and eq-ing so it’s really bright and clicky and VB3 provides most of the meat. It really gets that Emerson Hi-Watt sound. The both have the percussion on but most of the percussion you actually hear is BX3.


Acoustic Samples B-5 Update:

October 14, 2019

  • Fix for the preset buttons that became unresponsive after a MIDI channel change.


It has been a while since the last posting but I thought I would share something very exciting I was able to review recently. Guido the developer of VB3-II has started an open-source MIDI controller project and the D9X is a programmable Arduino based MIDI drawbar controller. I was really honored to have the opportunity to review the first prototype unit.
I created a short video overview on my channel and hope you find it exciting as well.


Ik Hammond B-3X update to version 1.1.0

What’s new in Hammond B-3X v1.1:

MIDI Latch Mode lets you use a momentary switch such as a sustain pedal as a latching switch
Invert Controllers option for improved compatibility with controller sliders
Sustain Pedal implementation
New Hammond Profile for the XK-3 / XK-3c
Assignable MIDI Controller for Percussion 2nd / 3rd Harmonic switch
Various performance enhancements


As I predicted. Didn’t expect it this quick tho. Thanks Dave.



From Peter at IK concerning B-3X preset change times …

"Changing presets is going to be a bit slower when there is a different tonewheel model in the new preset because the new tonewheel set has to be loaded. If you use the same tonewheel set in your presets within the same song (like playing the same hardware Hammond organ within the same song) the preset change is much faster.

However, and more importantly, this is also why we provide the inverted drawbar settings keys (same as the original hardware). If you just want to change drawbar settings, you press one of the inverted keys at the left, and the change is instantaneous, just like on the original hardware. You can have 24 totally customizable drawbar settings per preset."

It explains the switching time differences



Yeah, the same problem we had with B5. But B5 has samples involved, and B3X is supposed to be 100% modeled, right?


Actually the tone wheel sets are samples from what I understood, am I mistaken?


They probably are, but I don’t remember reading anything about them. I will have to revisit their literature. Just out of curiosity, I am going to test Blue3 and VB3 II tonewheel sets, just to see how they react. I don’t remember a delay in their tonewheel change.



Blue 3 and VB3 II tonewheel sets change instantly with state changes.