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This is in the initial promo blurb. I interpret it to mean that the source for the 91 tonewheels whether sampled or modeled is loaded into the free running players for each tone wheel and these free running players have to be loaded with the different tonewheel source choices but that’s just my take.

True to the hardware original, Hammond B-3X begins with 91 tonewheels, which are based on well-maintained Hammond organs that IK studied in locations around the world. These free-running tonewheels are mixed in real-time based on the notes played and drawbar levels, for authentic realism.



Hmmm. Makes me think they ARE sampled. Very strange that Hammond wasn’t part of the modeling, and left it all to IK. I would suppose Hammond to be more than an observer in the process, but IK has been doing it for a long time.


Yea, my reading points toward them inspecting and approving all the various working software ideas and product that IK produced before allowing the logo and licencing. Oh and they helped find the organs used in the models.


“All around the world”, lol. Like Hammond didn’t have models in the U.S. to use. Sounds like an excuse for a paid vacation. Just had to model a vintage A-100 in a boarded up dive bar in Thailand. The cobwebs and dust added a unique sound I guess. :rofl:


In my endeavor to unleash some future posts on this thread, I had to get elbow deep into the Hammond clones, and I have to tell you, the IK Hammond, and Blue3 are, by far, much easier, and more user friendly, than the others. More parameters, less limited. VB3 II pisses me off.


It was never this easy in “the day”!


This same guy has a great touch on the Hammond. Really love watching him play.


So, now I know what model of vehicle I will HAVE to buy in order to get my Hammond and Leslie to any gig. When I get a Hammond and Leslie. Someday.

I like the exclusivity of this approach - just my equipment, no drums, guitar amps, bass amps, etc.



I used to be able to leg my 147 in and out of trucks by myself all day long. The C3 though, even chopped- not so much.


And no PA system. Searching my frail memory, I do not recall a time when I hauled only my equipment.