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I like using my old Mirage, it has a pretty light plastic action. Unfortunately after 30 years it’s getting wonky, needs a major cleaning. Recently I’ve been doing what I swore oaths I would NEVER do, and that is play organ from a weighted controller. I’m trying to see if I can play our set on a single keyboard, ala Jordan Rudess. Glisses are just flipping impossible though. But I can make do with just about any un-weighted action.



I absolutely love my E-Mu XBoard 49. I’ve had it forever and the feel is perfect for organ. Drawback is no sliders for drawbars, but the many rotary knobs are a good substitute. It has held up to all the heat/cold, traveling and gigging abuse for many years. It is not like many of the cheap plastic ones of today. Velocity sensitivity and aftertouch are amazing.
Unfortunately, they are not produced anymore. Ebay still has them available.


I use an old M-Audio Axiom 61 version1. It is not ideal though, the keybed is a little wonky on these keyboards but it is by far the best organ keyboard I have. I heard that Yamaha MX series had great key-beds for organ work from @SteveK so a used one of those is a thought too. Hope you find a great one Torsten!



+1 on the Axiom 61 version 1. The keybed is a Fatar TP/9, I have two of them mounted so the second keyboard is 2 1/2 inches from top of lower keys to bottom of upper keys (how I did that with on-stage 2nd tier modified is on the “show me your rig thread” here)


Regarding resource load comparisons for the new B-3X here a few I could gather …

i7 2.6 Ghz CPU and SSD

Ivory Piano Vst - 20 ~ 25 % resource load
B-3X - 25 ~ 40% resource load
B5 - 30 ~ 75 % resource load
VB3 II + IK TR5 Leslie - 40 ~ 50% resource load

The largest resource spikes are from Acoustic samples B5 on my systems. I love the included MIDI PG mapper in the B-3X, what a great live improvement for use with C3 if desired. Anyway I’m falling behind, just like Corky talked about …:sunglasses::yum:



While VB3 and Blue3 are less than 10%. :laughing:

I am not getting that high load or spikes on B5 since the last “big” update some months ago. Of course, many samples in B5, so go figure.


Since IK already makes controllers, could it be possible…? Hmmm. My wallet will surely collapse.


Now we know that 12 months from now IK Multimedia in conjunction with Hammond/Suzuki will be releasing their BX3 controller with emulated 9 contact action :grinning:

EDIT: The Corky has spoken and so it will be


Hey All,

For those of you who have B-3X and have made racks with your patches can I ask how you went about it? I am trying to figure the best way but would love some help from those who have a system figured out.

Thanks much! :smile:



Like you Dave, I pondered quite awhile how I wanted to do this. Will be near my rig shortly, and post some examples. I am experimenting with several different racks, and will soon settle with one or two.



Speaking of BX3… I haven’t dug in yet but is there an offline authorization option? If I have to let my laptop on the interwebs it’s going to go nuts updating Windows and such. it hasn’t been online in a couple years or more.

EDIT- never mind, yes there is according to their website. I don’t remember seeing that option in their Authorization Manager though.



There are some problems I’ve run into with B-3X and Cantabile. I expect some updates from IK soon, but they will probably not be related to any Cantabile issues.


I select a preset from B-3X, save it to a state (let’s say Rock 1), and save the rack. I then select another preset in B-3X(say Gospel), and save it as a new state, and save rack. All behaviors were selected. Here is what I get:

If there is NOT a tonewheel/model change between the two, it is a smooth change, but, if you are holding a chord during change, you will hear a quick interrupt noise. Not a smooth change.
If there IS a tonewheel/model change, a much longer interrupt noise will ensue. A worse non-smooth change(ala B5).

I tried a state change involving ONLY an on/off chorus swell switch. Another smoothless failure, but it did work. I get a noticeable pop when switching thru state. However, if I use controller sent CC, it is smooth as silk.
Presets change just fine in states, and will work very well when changing songs, but not while holding keys down. I also noticed changing presets with mouse on the GUI is much smoother. You can use the program change on the live control page by assigning numbers to presets, although I’ve not driven that road yet.

I personally will be setting my controller up as close to a Hammond as possible, so I can control drawbars, switches, and rotary knobs. It will be near the same as the real thing…no model changes during a song. Just adjusting drawbars and switches.

BTW, if you plan to use the black key drawbar settings in the live view page, be sure you know what octave they are in on your controller.

As I discover more, I will let you know.




Another B-3X preset. This one is purely Leslie driven, no screamer. Try it with brake on. Also try it with vibrato swell on. Use the Expression pedal to get more, or less grit.

To add the preset, unzip the file and add it to: Documents>My Documents>IK Multimedia>Hammond B-3X>Presets

Corky Prog (2.2 KB)



Follow up on the B-3X rack configuration discussion …

I tried 4 ways out, they all work but each is different in usage

  1. C3 Pseudo Presets - Select a preset, edit it, name the C3 preset, select the next C3 preset and repeat. The only behaviors box checked is the ‘Selected Program’. Then create racks states and select the desired pseudo preset and save rack

  2. All available B3X state behaviors checked, works like your method Corky. You select the preset you want, name and save the rack state and repeat until done

  3. Populate the MIDI PG change list built into B-3X. You load the list under the controls section of the plugin with your favorites and use a simple binding like this to use the rack states to call them up

  1. Select only the checkbox for ‘Entire Bank’ and then save your rack states similar to method 2

The ‘Entire Bank’ way was the fastest to set up and use IMO and is the only way to ensure you save the Tone Wheel selection. The discreet check-boxes don’t include those settings from the Advanced window.

Changes are instant except when you change the tone wheel models on your presets causing a sample set change.




Did you try holding a note/chord while switching in the last example?


No, I don’t do that so I didn’t think to check, what’s the skinny?


If you were changing states within a song, and your states changed settings (like vibrato, or drawbars, or percussion or preset) while holding a chord, there is a short pause, and/or noise before returning to organ sound. That is what I found in the method I explained above.
I performed the same changes (holding a chord) by using a mouse on the gui without a glitch. Seamless. That is why I stated I was going to to run my B-3X like a real Hammond and change all settings thru controller CC assignments. From everything I see, this is what Hammond intended with this plug.
Fortunately, I have controllers with enough buttons and sliders to make it happen, but I do have other controllers without, thus state changes.

That is why I was asking if you had the same glitches in your last method. I understand we were talking presets, but I found this little problem while fiddling with presets.

Sorry if I confused you…long rehearsal tonight with difficult people…you know :scream:


Got it! Another ask, I notice that the expression swell doesn’t sound clean and smooth, is it just me or is it a little hokey? It’s like there are gradations in the gain ramp … :grinning:


YES! I noticed it early on, but it really was noticeable in rehearsal tonight thru an amp. I thought something was going on with my exp pedal.


Hi all

Just saying that I am extremely enjoying this thread! I started out playing organ as a little kid 50 years ago on a crappy RiHa or something organ, always jealous of a real Hammond B3. I have VB3 1.4 and 2 with IK Multimedia TRacks Leslie (based on your messages here, including using either the free Klanghelm IVGI 2 amp or the Lesie 3300W amp), and am enjoying playing them… We play Highway Star with the band, and this makes lots of fun!