Corky’s VST Organ Tips and Tweaks Page 🎹


Really? Where? I need to get back to some organ grinding. I was very prolific at one time. :wink:


You two have left everyone “postless” :grinning:

I’m looking forward to more presets if anyone is nice enough to share. A big benefit of B3X is it has most elements (in a single VST) of the signal chain you would use to shape a Hammond sound



Hey Doug

I would be happy to share my presets. I have provided many requests thru PM, and shared a few on this thread, and other sites. I don’t know how many members would be interested, but I could post some more.

Something I’ve been doing as of late, is making similar presets in B3X, B5, Blue3, VB3 1,4, VB3 II, with, and without IK Leslie. I am self-rehearsing today, so it will be a good time to gather a few.

If anyone has a specific request, PM me and I’ll give it a go. Understand tho, I may eventually share finished presets on this thread (requester anonymous).




I’ve made 4 or 5 so far and I’ll share them when I get a chance. They were all pretty much first impressions so they might not be as dialed in as they ultimately could be.


I made some presets for testing B3-X too but these are more tests if I could get an improvement to the sounds I already made for Blue3 and VB3 II.


Thanks, it’s fun checking out presets.

Here’s how I loaded it in steps:

  1. Copied “Corky Prog 1.b3xp” into the …\Documents\IK Multimedia\Hammond B-3X\Presets folder in my Windows 10 user folder.
  2. Went into the Controls interface (the zoomed view with just the drawbars, tablet buttons, Leslie half moon and Vibrato/Chorus knob)
  3. Clicked the little unlabeled “hamburger” button in the upper left (right under organ tab button)
  4. Program Change Assignment windows appears
  5. Clicked in an empty slot on the left (PC Column)
    6, A list of presets showed up in Preset column including Corky’s.
  6. Double clicked Corky’s and it went into the “Slot”


I use all the well known Hammond VSTs, so if you need help achieving better sounds on Blue3 and VB3 II, I could help you get there.




I found a little annoying glitch in B3X. When using the G37/St12 amp, and holding 2 close notes ( such as D and E, or D and D#), the drum on the Leslie makes a “thumping” noise, as if it is loose, or hitting something within the cabinet as it rotates. The only way to stop it is to significantly reduce the drum volume, or change amps.


That’s actually pretty cool :smiley: :smiley:



Couldn’t you place a virtual piece of cardboard under the corner of the Leslie to level the rotor?
It used to work on the crowded, rickety stages back in the day. :smirk:


Oh I totally remember those days! :wink: Virtual cardboard…hmmm…I will see if there is a vst for that!


Whenever I do pub gigs I always grab a few beer mats for the gig box. They make excellent levelling shims! :slight_smile:


Hello Corky;
thanks for the offer. You are an experienced user and I surely could learn a couple of things though I do sound design for decades with all my instruments and probably never used a preset without changing at least envelopes, filters an eq settings a. s. o. .
Regarding organs I was quite happy with Blue3 except overdrive and leslie. I did some experimenting with preamps, amps and other leslie vsts but I don’t own the UVI and the IK multimedia versions so the B3-X was the first time I could compare this leslie to the others. Especially with a BS&T song (the last song they played at woodstock) where fast leslie is used over longer passages I could get better results with B3-X.
The last few days I didn’t have much time to do something music related. I’ll listen again with fresh ears and decide which organ to use for the songs I play in the band.


Hey Corky and All,

I got sucked into the Hammond BX-3 vortex finally. With my unused jam points the cross-grade price won’t get lower. After a brief check I can see what the buzz is about. Sounds thick like the B5 but superior Leslie and percussion and more clean and forward sound. This might be because of less room ambience of the sound compared to the B5 samples. The only B3 beast I lack now is the Blue 3 but this BX3 sounds pretty good so I might settle with the list I have (for now … lol). It makes the VB3 II w/ TR5 Leslie sound thin to me when compared using same settings. Who would have thought your tips and tweaks thread would grow to this size! :hushed: lot’s of Organ enthusiasts here for sure. I can tell you that about half of my work has Hammond organ in it these days so this newbie will go to work pretty quick.



If I use VB3 (1.4) now I prefer it with its own Leslie. That’s just got the rock sauce. Then I maybe just add some kind of external eq/saturator to get a little more bright grit. So right now my 2 favorite organ sounds are basically self-contained plugins.



In most cases, presets made by the developer are usually ones they designed to show off different features of the plug. It is the same with amp sims and Hammond sims. Presets are not representative of what they claim, but they can give a start toward what you want. That is why I spend a lot of time learning the musician, and the instrument. A single preset will usually not do, as artists may change a lot of things during the song. That is why I address those changes along with preset changes. Thus why I create my own presets.

BS&T…yes! My major instrument was Trumpet, and Lew Soloff of BS&T was one of my heros. I played all those screaming high Super-C type notes like him. I was devastated when he left the band.

If you want some input, PM me.




Just couldn’t stand it, eh?

Nor did I! I was hoping we would learn a few things, but WOW! We learned a ton.

I understand. Playing with the “new toy” has slowed up my intended posts. I have a fairly large post about ready, but may have to go back and change some things since the “toy” came along.



I hear you Fred. We sooo wished for a self-contained plug after IK Leslie appeared. Well…we got it! Although, I feel it needs a few updates. Us ADHD/OCD musician hacks will never be satisfied. So what will we do if the new one is perfected? :anguished:


I decided to pull the trigger on it whilst it was on special offer, and the vibe from our organ meisters is generally positive. :slight_smile:

I might have mentioned it earlier, but this one is the clincher for me.


Hey all - a completely different VST organ topic: what is your favorite controller keyboard for organ specific techniques?

I’m not really 100% happy with my upper controllers - I have the feeling that the actual trigger contact is too “low” (you need to push the key pretty far down to generate a note) which makes some typical Hammond articulations (finger swipes, percussive multi-note patterns, fast trills) difficult to impossible.

My usual upper controller is an Alesis VI49, which has the same keyboard as the M-Audio Code 49. Live, I use an AKAI MPK 249, which has a different feel, but still a very “deep” feeling.

Of course no MIDI controller will come close to the real Hammond with its 9 separate contacts, but I’d be interested if any of you have found something that comes closer.