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Just read the whole B3X manual. Nicely written with some historical background for explanation of some of the buttons like Advanced > Volume Compensation (prevents reduction in regular sustaining organ tone when percussion is enabled). I learned of few things I didn’t know about the B3.

Two things I didn’t find:

  1. Reverse drawbars
  2. How to load a preset from file into a preset slot


I’ve seen nothing about reverse drawbars. Just like the sustain pedal, and a few other things I’ve noticed. From what I know, this is Hammond’s first attempt at a VST. They are going to quickly learn our midi controllers are not SK’s, and other developers have met the demands we need. I expect there will be many updates soon. The squeaky wheel…
I had to figure out how to add a preset from file, but I guess they figured no one would share a file. Check the tonewheel selection…no difference in any of them. Again, many updates coming soon. No doubt, the manual needs more detail about the plug parameters.



A prediction in post 58 (a year ago) of this thread comes true:

If I had to choose only one Hammond VST B3X is it.


Last week I did a side-by-side comparison between VB3 1.4, VB3II, B3-X and Vintage B3 from within Mainstage.

Long story short: VB3 1.4 is for me the winner while it still has the best authentic keyclick and overdrive. So I finally bought 32Lives this aftenoon (which already proved me this week that it is very stable and invisable/tranparent while used in Mainstage). It cost me 84 euros. But now I can finally use VB3 1.4 in a 64 bit environment.


Yeah, I had a feeling once Leslie got involved in a vst, and was successful, it’s partner Hammond would follow. They are both owned by Suzuki.


It is really hard not to love the original VB3. It was an amazing plug in it’s day, and I still use it. Once the IK Hammond goes thru some growing pains, it will probably be the go to. I do still love my B5, even with it’s parameter issues, and Blue3 thru IK Leslie is pretty good. They all have their charm, and disappointments.


As much as I like BX3 I still have VB3 1.4 in a couple new songs we’re working on and I wouldn’t want to replace it. It’s got a thing that can’t be replicated. But there are certain types of sounds that BX3 does a lot better. I’ll be using both going forward probably.


Hi there!

Did any of y’all try to reproduce Jon Lord’s tone from 80’s? I mean that badass growl from Perfect Strangers. AFAIK he used a couple of Leslies (probably 147). I have VB3-II and Blue3 as well as IK Leslies in my disposal but still can’t make them growl. Blue3 cabinet is very cool for filling the space, but overdrive is not evil enough. So are IK Leslies 147. VB3-II has dope tube feedback, but overall sound thru its Leslie lacks highs and doesn’t bite as Lord tone does.
Any suggestions?


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To get that sound, turn the distortion off on the organ, and disable the Leslie within Blue3 or VB3 II. Use IK Leslie for distortion. You have a choice amps within it. Experiment with different cabs and amps. Lord usually braked his Leslie, but mostly played thru a high wattage amp…no Leslie. Once you get it close, use the mid eq to add even more growl. You can also add a tube screamer for even more. Understand tho, to get Lord’s sound, less is more. I have a Lord rack for VB3 1.4 that sounds very nice
Listen to the super growl I got above.

EDIT: I don’t use the distortion in Blue3 and VB3 II as I feel they are somewhat inferior to other sources. Just my opinion.


So does this distortion come from IK Leslie only? That’s awesome! Did you use any additional FX? I was trying to achieve this sound with Leslie 147 amp and 147 cab, both in T Racks and Amplitube, but still not good. Amplitube seems even lil bit more evil than T Racks, but not enough like your example.


Actually, the 147 is much more mellow. Go to 122 or the others. Yes, the distortion ONLY from the IK. Since you are in Amplitube, you can experiment with many amps. Such as, use a Hi Watt into your cab, or just use it without the Leslie cab. Also, in Amplitube, you can chain a tube screamer into the Leslie. If you set the screamer with lower settings, then use it into the already growling Leslie, it will add that little something that may put it where you want it. Just use the screamer as a tone shaper, not as the distortion source…that comes from the Leslie amps.


Do not forget the secret sauce of mid amp eq in IK. It also adds a lot to the sound.
Perfect Strangers is thru a slow speed Leslie at the beginning…probably the whole song.


Seems like there was a preset for the BX3 hat was pretty close to that sound. A little tweak and it would be there. Blend a little direct Marshall stack at lower frequencies in under the Leslie.


You guys are the organ Meisters! :smile:


We be tweaking our organs. :sweat_smile:


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I’ve been tweaking my organ since I was a kid!


Me too, but I now use my vibrato volume switch on soft instead of normal. :grin:


Oh, there’s a pill for that now