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Goodmorning everyone.
I think I exaggerated (as usual …).
I would like to apologize for putting your patience to the test.
I will certainly do one thing !! I will try not to be hasty, so I rewind my tape a few days ago !!
I leave these last experiments alone for the moment and go back to a few days ago when I tried to set up a rack, with all that goes with it.
I am just going to ask you one thing: before setting up the rack speech, at home, I used the keys of the pc, without my Pa 80 (associated with the keyboard in the Cantabile screen) to do my experiments, before verifying them with the Pa 80 .
Now this mode doesn’t work, probably due to experiments with racks (bindings, etc). Maybe I should restore something that I don’t know at the moment, so I ask you to tell me what I can do.
And I promise to disturb you silently, as Gabriele also suggests !!
Best regards

Hi to all
I had modified the file for the Italian language * .json by adding an X (* .jsonX). After this modification, Cantabile’s keyboard was no longer associated with any sound when touched by Cantabile’s keyboard keys. I had done this on Torsten’s right suggestion, in order to show jpegs to everyone.
In the meantime I restored the Italian language to see some menu strings in Italian (I wanted to understand the translation) and, MIRACLE, everything was solved !!
I don’t know what happened, although I don’t think it could have been the only “X” …
Boh !! mysteries of science and technology … and of the MIDI rack …

Finally I double-checked what Torsten suggested (CC95 -> CC93), I prepared the two paths MainKeyboard and OnScreenKeyboard and I visualized the midi monitors, but the values ​​CC95 / 127 and CC 93/127 do not appear: I deduce that without these values ​​the brake just can’t work.

Greetings to all patients of mind …

Excuse me again !!
I think everything is OK !!
Torsten, in particular (because I owe it to him !!).
I ran the sequence of your data again, canceling all the previous one. Everything works, even with the screen keyboard.
I have created 3 controller buttons.
Once the buttons were created, I copied and pasted the same Rack to have both Upper and Lower (midi1 / 2 and 1/2 channels) distinct, but on the same display. This copy was used to divide the two sections and play with different Drawbars and different Transpose.

It is very likely in the first Rack draft I did something wrong.
By nature I am very stubborn, even if a bit hasty …
But it is difficult for me to give up !!

I am attaching a jpg where you can see the result.


In defense of the newbies, it’s quite possible that despite Brad’s excellent videos, sometimes things just don’t click right away. People learn at different speeds and in different ways. They come from different backgrounds and have different experience levels when it comes to midi and music software. With all the different things that Cantabile can do and all the things it will do, it can be intimidating for newer users. For those who know Cantabile really well, passing along their knowledge can be a life saver for those who are new, and allow them to get a better understanding of the way forward.

Think back to when you were new to this. If you have been at it for years, whether as a musician, or as someone who works around computers all day, things for you come easier because you have a knowledge base which makes the transition to Cantabile much easier.

Personally, I was one of those people who did not have that knowledge base, and had to play catch up. At the time, it was pretty much Mainstage, which meant a shift to a MacBook and having to learn a new operating system before even delving into music software. Then I found Cantabile.

Let’s face it…we all have busy lives and responsibilities, and the amount of time in a day that can be dedicated to learning Cantabile varies greatly among users. For those who have knowledge, passing that along to other users, makes the user base even stronger and larger. If one were to tackle midi and music software on their own, there is a lot of conflicting info that it should be done this way, or that. The users on this forum are indeed extremely helpful. I have been on forums where if I could throat punch the responder, I surely would. Being helpful to other users, can give them that little nudge that helps it all click.

No doubt, users are responsible to gain knowledge on their own, and part of that can be in the form of asking questions of more knowledgeable users. It was in mine. People are wired in different ways. They learn at different speeds, and if you don’t have the knowledge to start with, you gain it where you can…articles, knowledge bases, forums, etc. As most users seem to know, a lot of people on other forums are not so nice when a newbie asks questions. They are scorned and put down for asking what the more experienced users deem as questions the user should already know. Isn’t that part of what forums are for?

I remember my Dad always telling me, “you have to learn to walk before you can run”. There is certainly a great deal of truth to that. It’s not hard to understand why users would want to learn Cantabile. It is one of the most flexible and powerful piece of music software out there, and it gets better every day. It’s flexibility is one of its best attributes. It can handle so very much or just do the basics. I can understand that some users may be shooting for the stars, because they see other users creating racks and incredibly complicated structures, and think, that’s what I have to do. I know, because I was one of those. As I migrated through Cantabile, I have had a lot of help along the way. I realized I was overshooting the runway and making things more complicated than need be. Once I came to understand that, the way forward came into focus. Instead of trying to build a large skyscraper, I opted for the 2 story home, because that was all I needed.

Everyone should watch Brad’s videos. They are informative and can be extremely helpful. If they haven’t watched them, then that would be the obvious first step. If however they have watched them, but still need some help, then this forum can help users of all levels achieve what they are trying to do, thereby making it an even safer space for everyone.

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Hey Steve !!! you are not a musician … you are a wonderful lawyer … you didn’t tell us anything … :+1:

I have to thank you who are helping me to use C3.
It is a very powerful program and everything you learn spurs you to check the next thing !!
So thanks to you more experts who give us a good help.
Axiom 61 should arrive next Tuesday or Wednesday. With this controller I will test what I have learned so far !!!


Maybe I was different from others. I joined the forum shortly after C3 began. I went through all the info that was available. I found the forum very useful and sifted through most of the existing threads. In time, the search engine became my friend. After 4 months of experimenting and reading, I awkwardly asked my 1st question. I always go to the manual, and threads before asking questions.

There is nothing wrong with helping newbies, but when our onsite gurus have to explain the the same process repeatedly to the same person, it becomes frustrating. They spend a lot of time on visuals and explanations, and since this is worldly forum, the language barrier becomes a problem at times, especially when discussing technology.

As a former newbie, I understand it is hard in the beginning for the process to sink into one’s brain. This is why I requested sometime ago an onsite Newbie page. If a new member joins, they should be directed to that page 1st. At the present time, @brad’s excellent videos and manual seem to be passed over frequently, before hitting the forum. I doubt that can be done, but it was a suggestion.

@terrybritton was coaxed by me to provide videos on the process of Cantabile, and he made some very excellent streaming participation videos. They are on his YouTube channel. I have directed several people to his channel. Unfortunately, the very beginning basics of Cantabile were not touched, because @brad’s videos cover that.

The members here are so helpful and kind to anyone with a question. I wouldn’t wish to change that. I would only hope the new ones will respect that, and return the favor when the same question is asked in the future.




i don’t get a chance to go to all the topics all the time, so I try to read what I can. I did not mean that people who have the knowledge should continually explain the same thing over and over again. This is an extremely long topic with many comments, and I did not scroll up to see what had been done or conveyed previously. It was certainly not meant to throw gasoline on the fire.

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Hey Steve

I certainly didn’t take your comments in the way you described. In fact, I was not responding to your comments. I was simply stating what I went through in the beginning. I thought it reasonable to give new users a leg up with a link to videos and manuals. I’ve tried to help many new users, sometimes failing, but I tried. I’ve even set up Zoom sessions to help others when typed words weren’t enough. The point is, to which you also agreed, it takes a while to learn the mechanics of C3. But, there are those who want to speed through C3 without taking the time to really learn it. The world, as it is, pushes everyone to expect results yesterday. So when someone wants instant results by posting every few minutes, and expecting others to fix it now, it does wear thin quickly, especially when the replies of members “read the manual…watch the videos” are disregarded.

No one knows it (until now), but you and I are good friends and occasionally email each other about other things than C3. We have shared many failures and successes. I treasure our friendship and would do, or say, nothing to jeopardize it.

Cheers :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:



We are in complete agreement. It was simply a case of me not understanding what had gone on before. With this topic having so many posts, scrolling to the top…I just don’t have that kind of time, lol.

It’s all good…and several more :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:‘s…right back at ya’


TBH, I generally enjoy helping others with Cantabile - this is a group of great, helpful and polite people, with an uncommonly high level of community spirit. I consider a lot of this core group my friends and I thoroughly enjoy my time in this community.

What is sometimes frustrating are two types of users coming in to the forum:

  • Type A: the newbies who just come here and say “I have no clue, so can someone please tell me how I use this plugin and this controller in Cantabile so I can play music”. Often, this is coupled with an attitude of entitlement - as if they had a right to others’ time and energy.

  • Type B: the relatively new users who immediately jump into the most complex and tricky aspects of Cantabile and then fire off tons of posts asking for help, but demonstrate in their replies they aren’t really solid around the necessary basics, so it is really difficult to help them without having to go back to Adam & Eve…

Using Cantabile is like learning an instrument - it is difficult (and relatively low value-add) to discuss sweep picking when someone is barely capable of strumming C, G and D chords.

So it would definitely be useful to have some sort of “Newbie intro page” on the Cantabile website (or here at the forum) - with the essential steps any new user of Cantabile should work their way through to get to a certain basic level of proficiency. Learning a new instrument also involves a lot of experimenting and repetition, so that things really sink in, so progressing too quickly and skipping steps will come back and haunt you - I promise…

Of course, asking questions during that journey is also OK, when something isn’t clear, but essentially I would like to be able to expect a certain level of sweat and proficiency from someone who asks the community for help - some kind of “earn your seat at the table” :wink:

Just coming in and asking others to do your work for is a bit lame IMHO…

If I find some time over the next weeks, I might start out on this “Newbie Guide” doc - maybe we can collaborate on this within the “guru core group”? Say a Google doc that a group of us can edit jointly?




I would applaud such a document. But, it may not be feasible with the current forum setup. Instead of going outside the forum with Google Doc, or other share site, why not use the rarely used “Lounge” area of the forum? It is restricted to level 3 status.
Also, I would want @brad’s blessing on such a move.

I know I’ve drifted off subject on my own thread, so if there are no objections, I will attempt to move this to the lounge.

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I assume the only objections will be from those of us non-gurus who wanted to follow the enlightening discussion, and perhaps contribute to the document if possible :slight_smile:

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I agree. Your voice would be a great addition to the discussion. I thought you would already be a level 3. :frowning_face:
I already posted in the Lounge, but I will see if there is a better way we can include others. We may have to go off site, but thinking about the PM option of adding many users. I am certainly not a guru!
Will get back to you.

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Hi Corky and Torsten. I think I understand that I am too many.
There is no need for you to create a new group. Leave it as it is.
At this point I leave, I will not intervene anymore, I will limit myself to observing and learning.
I wrote to Brad to apologize to you.
I do it even now, both of you and others I may have bothered with.
I greet you dearly, I hope the best things for you all.


This not a slam to you. This is an organizing of documents and videos to help newer users learn the mechanics of Cantabile faster. This has been discussed several times in the past, but never really acted on. By all means, stay around and learn, and eventually teach me some things. There is absolutely no intention to run you away. The more the merrier. :smile:


Hi everybody.
I need help.
I was looking for some videos or some explanations on racks, but I’m a bit in trouble.
I couldn’t find what I’m looking for.
After @Torsten helped me with creating a rack with a VST organ, I wanted to make one that contains multiple organs, one with Pianos.
Could you tell me if there is any video or some targeted explanation for what I’m looking for?

All these available on Cantabile Website

Page 19 of this guide:


Thanks for the Tips, Corky

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Possible T-RackS Leslie VST3 bug.
I finally got around to playing with the IKM T-Racks Leslie last night. I was struggling to get the Slow/Fast to work with my pedal CC. I checked the Midi Monitor in C3 and I could see the CC at the midi input of the plugin, but it wouldn’t change speeds. After some ‘googling’ I saw a reference about the VST versions being different. I switched the plugin from VST3 to VST2 and then the CC switch began to work. I’m just mentioning it here in case anyone else encounters a similar issue. Or if someone might be able to confirm the bug.
Cheers - David