Controller Bar Bindings

Cantabile now supports Controller Bar bindings so you can now create bindings that interact directly with the buttons on the controller bar.

In order to create bindings to/from a controller bar button you first need to give it a name.

  1. Right click on the button and choose "Customize...", or right click else where in the Controller Bar and choose "Add Button..." to add a new button.
  2. In the "Binding Name" field enter any name you like.

You'll also notice the Action field can now be set to "None (bindings only)".   This creates a button that doesn't perform any actions on its own but can be controlled through bindings.

Now the button has a name it's available in the binding editor.

  1. Create a new binding
  2. For the "Object" of the source or target side of the binding, choose "Controller Bar".
  3. For the "Point" choose the action of the button you want to control or respond to.
  4. In the "Button" field type or choose the name of the controller bar button.  This should match the name you entered above for the "Binding Name" on the button.

For example, here's a binding that will set the master output gain to 0dB when a controller bar button is clicked:

Available Binding Points

The controller bar buttons support the following binding points:

  • Button Caption (source/target) - the caption displayed on the main part of the button.  When used as a source any variables will be unexpanded.
  • Button Color (source/target) - the color of the button
  • Button Tip (source/target) - the tip text displayed just above the main button. When used as a source any variables will be unexpanded.
  • On Clicked (source) - fired when the button is clicked (press + release)
  • On Pressed (source) - fired when the button is pressed
  • On Released (source) - fired when the button is released
  • Value (source/target) - the value of the button (or slider)
  • Click (target) - when invoked by a binding, simulates clicking the button

Available now in build 4174 and later.

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How does it differ to routing the on-screen keyboard and creating a midi controller binding?

Thanks @brad looks greats! Are there any plans to incorporate buttons/sliders into the WebUI? I use a touchscreen laptop to remotely control Cantabile, and it would be immensely helpful to have a tab where custom bindings could be added and triggered.

For listening to buttons it’s not much different except you don’t need to route a MIDI controller and then bind from that.

But it also allows the reverse control…eg: a binding setting the color or text on a controller bar button.

Possible. Not sure on timeline though. Coincidentally, right now I’m also working on a new front-end web client framework for another project and while working on it, it occurred to me that it would be a great framework for Cantabile’s Web UI. If I was to swap over to it, then I’d also be considering some new functionality to make it worthwhile, and remote sliders/buttons would definitely be a consideration.


Nice! I’ve been poking around on this for a couple of days. Is there a way to use States to control the Controller Bar Bindings? Or remember the settings and such? Like if a button had a pop up fader.

(Nothing related to the deep philosophical question about “who controls the controllers” :laughing:)