Control Rack Object

I would love to see a “Control Rack Object” where within the control rack you can add button/switch and knob/slider objects all with state control and midi messaging. This would be really useful for mixers and central control of midi controller “states” e/g keyboards and for controllers like the FCB1010.

I know people have been requesting mixer pages and this sort of thing but I’m thinking the graphics and build for Brad might be a bit easier if each switch or slider controls behaved just as if you were adding a cluster of racks within a rack (If you get what I mean). I’m not really after a dynamic set of controls available during a song, but a more convenient way to set a per song mix and also a way of remembering the state of of external midi controllers (I achieve this through a very complex set of racks and racks states at the moment but its clumsy)

Take a look at Blue Cat Remote. I use it for what you described. It also helps manage my Behringer motorized fader devices.

I have it in a Rack with various Rack States for various devices. It’s one of my utility Racks that’s in every song.

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Yeah. I took a look at Blue Cat but from memory its a bit limited. No switches or momentary buttons and fixed numbers of sliders and knobs. Will have another look to see if it’s moved on.

I had a similar problem (wanted to “reflect” and store the settings of a hardware MIDI synth) and also tried Blue Cat Remote but never got lucky with it as it seems to send stored data isochronically which is bad for a synth (maybe not a problem for a mixer). So I finally found a way to get this manged with onboard modules inside cantabile:

  1. I created a linked rack as storing place and wrapper
  2. I put as much embedded racks inside the linked rack as I needed separate MIDI information (one for each information)
  3. For each embedded rack I created 2 bindings:
  • one from a certain Midi CC channel to the output fader of the rack (this way the fader reacts to a certain midi information)
  • one from the output fader to the midi out of the rack mapped to the same Midi CC (this way information stored by host automation can be recalled and sent out again)

So I have as much MIDI memories available as I need, The faders don`t control any audio of course but simply work as indicators and fader elements (if needed you can chose a setting by hand), The rack will send out a set of new data if the rack state is changed. Btw. everything for the cost of 0 cent.


  • you`re bound to the faders available inside cantabile (but they can be customized)
  • No buttons available

I have attached 2 screenshots.

Another possible soultion that comes to mind is CTRLR which is open source, but I think here you have to have quite some programming capabilities to get good results.

Good luck, humphrey

I have been using the output faders as well to store the values of midi parameters. The good things is that they seem to automatically get sent as the song loads. All just a bit awkward to use however and would Love to get Cantabile to perform these functions in a more user friendly manner.

I created an MCU-compatible mixer that you can add to any Song, which would give you a consistent way of creating your mixes. Look here:

You can use any MCU controller to work with the mixer, hardware or software.

Happy to share it again if you don’t find it - it’s in this forum somewhere!

I believe Midi Dexignet Pro is IOS only. Sadly I’m totally Windows. I do
Believe they are looking at producing a Windows version.