Collection of free VST (instruments & effects)


I downloaded this yesterday. It’s fun to play. A nice change from the others. Not enough heft for live, but it’s nice to have something simple to just jam on while I’m stuck at home.

  • Paul


Yeah, saw that. Sampleson is not quite up there with others, but it is free. Nothing wrong with that!


Just discovered this nice sounding phaser emulation. Really simple to use.

(32 bit only)

  • Paul


Oh SMEG! Valhalla is making a Black Hole verb and it’s FREE!


I’m excited! Except for one addition to the delay, he’s been quiet for a while. I love all of the Valhalla plugs.


Another free Hammond! Not awful for that basic jazz sound everyone demos with, Sounds like the overdrive is garbage, of course. Leslie reminiscent of Tony Bank’s phase shifter sound. :smiley:


The organ really doesn’t sound that bad. If you could lose their terrible leslie sound, it would be decent with IK Leslie. I doubt they have a brake or DI tho.


Yeah it almost sounds like VB3 II with a cruddy Leslie.