Collection of free VST (instruments & effects)


One addition re organs: you can still find the free Vox and Farfisa by Martinic on vst4free, even though the author doesn’t share them anymore (he’s now selling his Elka Panther VST).




I replaced the Synth 1 part’s audio comment by a more neutral one and re-uploaded the video.

Concerning the Leslie… I also played around with Rumpelrausch, but I’m afraid it’s an integrated solution where you cant’t use the Leslie seperately from the Instrument.

I have to admit that I prefer using sampled organs and I need a seperate Leslie. I also use “Mr Donald” (Freeware Leslie VST) which sounds much more natural, but this VST disappeared from Web and is only 32 bit, so I didn’t want to advertise on it.


I enjoyed your video, your Dexed piano sounds great. Just as you snuck Synthmaster in :grinning: you probably should sneak Blue3 or VB3 II in also, they are just as inexpensive, included separate Leslie VST’s and sound fantastic.


I don’t think they are being updated now, but my favourite free VST is a Moog Taurus on this page of synths from Smart Electronix

Well worth checking out. If ever I want some weight in the bottom end, this is what I go for. 32 bit only, so you will need JBridge in Cantabile 64.

And as Torsten recommended, the U-HE Tyrell N6 is a great way of checking out their analog awesomeness in a free form.


YES, absolutely - life’s too short to mess around with awful Hammond and Leslie clones…


And of course every time that Derek posts about this I feel it my duty to chime in that I also love this thing. Used it today, in fact.


And every time Fred posts about this little puppy I have to chime in about how good it is… :wink:


My life feels even shorter than it did yesterday, but not short enough not to heavily mess around with aw(e)some(ful) Leslie clones:

The commercial products are around 50 bucks. No comments from me this time.


Great comparison - I like the instant switching examples. Spinner still sounds horrible to me, but a lot better with your EQ treatment. The Melda is a bit meh; I like the sound of the Blue3 Leslie with your setup.

Next you could also bring the GSi Rotary (the Leslei part of VB3-II) and the IK Multimedia Leslie into the comparison…


Four free synths from U-he:


I’m looking for a light weight reverb.
I programmed some drops and risers on my akai pads in the background rack. So the reverb on it should be very light consuming.
Warmverb is not bad but still uses 5-10%


All of Valhalla’s are great. I use Plate the most, but Vintage Verb is probably the most versitle. I have found them very light on CPU. I also really like Old Skool Verb from Voxengo. Very easy to use and almot no CPU hit. Plus it’s free:

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Interesting! Let’s try it

hm, its kinda similar to Warmverb


But they are not free as per the thread, correct?


Old Skool Verb is free.

The Valhallas are $50. Sorry, I didn’t read the thread title before responding.

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New Freebie from Sampleson



About the Leslie’s i think spin sounds the most natural