Collection of free VST (instruments & effects)


One addition re organs: you can still find the free Vox and Farfisa by Martinic on vst4free, even though the author doesn’t share them anymore (he’s now selling his Elka Panther VST).




I replaced the Synth 1 part’s audio comment by a more neutral one and re-uploaded the video.

Concerning the Leslie… I also played around with Rumpelrausch, but I’m afraid it’s an integrated solution where you cant’t use the Leslie seperately from the Instrument.

I have to admit that I prefer using sampled organs and I need a seperate Leslie. I also use “Mr Donald” (Freeware Leslie VST) which sounds much more natural, but this VST disappeared from Web and is only 32 bit, so I didn’t want to advertise on it.


I enjoyed your video, your Dexed piano sounds great. Just as you snuck Synthmaster in :grinning: you probably should sneak Blue3 or VB3 II in also, they are just as inexpensive, included separate Leslie VST’s and sound fantastic.


I don’t think they are being updated now, but my favourite free VST is a Moog Taurus on this page of synths from Smart Electronix

Well worth checking out. If ever I want some weight in the bottom end, this is what I go for. 32 bit only, so you will need JBridge in Cantabile 64.

And as Torsten recommended, the U-HE Tyrell N6 is a great way of checking out their analog awesomeness in a free form.


YES, absolutely - life’s too short to mess around with awful Hammond and Leslie clones…


And of course every time that Derek posts about this I feel it my duty to chime in that I also love this thing. Used it today, in fact.


And every time Fred posts about this little puppy I have to chime in about how good it is… :wink:


My life feels even shorter than it did yesterday, but not short enough not to heavily mess around with aw(e)some(ful) Leslie clones:

The commercial products are around 50 bucks. No comments from me this time.


Great comparison - I like the instant switching examples. Spinner still sounds horrible to me, but a lot better with your EQ treatment. The Melda is a bit meh; I like the sound of the Blue3 Leslie with your setup.

Next you could also bring the GSi Rotary (the Leslei part of VB3-II) and the IK Multimedia Leslie into the comparison…


Four free synths from U-he:


I’m looking for a light weight reverb.
I programmed some drops and risers on my akai pads in the background rack. So the reverb on it should be very light consuming.
Warmverb is not bad but still uses 5-10%


All of Valhalla’s are great. I use Plate the most, but Vintage Verb is probably the most versitle. I have found them very light on CPU. I also really like Old Skool Verb from Voxengo. Very easy to use and almot no CPU hit. Plus it’s free:

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Interesting! Let’s try it

hm, its kinda similar to Warmverb


But they are not free as per the thread, correct?


Old Skool Verb is free.

The Valhallas are $50. Sorry, I didn’t read the thread title before responding.

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New Freebie from Sampleson



About the Leslie’s i think spin sounds the most natural


Just happened to stumble across this by accident… apparently at some point whoever this is decided to try and model Tony Banks’s 70s keyboard rig (apart from the Tron) :smiley: :smiley:


Yeah, I used to use these, but it seems they were long ago abandoned, which is a shame.