Collection of free VST (instruments & effects)



I thought, this might be interesting for everybody if we collect what’s available on the internet. Important to me is, that the plugins work on x64-systems, they should save resources and of course they should work. :slight_smile:

I’ll start with a bundle of free effects. They look amazing, are minimalistic and sound good. I especially like the channelstrips.

They also have some instruments but I didn’t try them out yet.

A few months ago I discovered a freeware piano library. It sounds very well but of course can not beat the Ravenscroft 275 which is my favorite at the moment.

If you have any tipps for free instruments and effects, please post it here! It would be nice to see, what is available.
I’ll keep this thread updated if I find something interesting. BTW: We should not post anything in this thread which is only available for free for a limited time (like one of the Soundtoys reverbs just now).



Free Synth VSTs?


here’s most of the content of my “free for live” folder:

  • Allround sets: BlueCat freeware pack, GVST suite, Melda Audio free plugins, ReaPlugs (Reaper plugins as standalone), some of the Airwindows plugs are pretty neat, too
  • Amp Plugins: Poulin amp simulators, Mercuriall Cab, Voxengo Boogex
  • Arpeggiators: Arto Vaarala Kirnu, RandARP
  • Compression: Klanghelm DC1A2, TDR Kotelnikov
  • Delay: DD-Delay, TAL-Dub 2, Valhalla FreqEcho, Voxengo TempoDelay
  • Equalizer: TDR VOS SlickEQ, TDR Nova, Mellowmuse EQ1A
  • Guitar Stompboxes: all Distorque (FaceBender, PlusDistortion, Rangebastard, Vitamin C), Mercuriall GreedSmasher, TSE R47 and 808
  • Modulation: TAL Chorus LX, Distorque Azurite Chorus, Pecheneg Tremolo, Adam Szabo Phazor, Acon Multiply
  • Reverb: Sanford Reverb - but really DO get Valhalla VintageVerb; not free but cheap and GREAT
  • Sampler: TX16Wx and Grace (by One Small Clue)
  • Synths: Tyrell N6, PG-8x, Monofury are my favorites, but also worth mentioning are Charlatan 2.0, Deputy Mark II, TAL NoiseMaker, Nabla and Ragnarok

All of it tested for reasonable sound quality / usability for live use by yours truly :wink:

Attaching the links for all this is a bit tedious, but Google is your friend…




Also add another one from Full Bucket Music: The Bloo

I like what this guy is doing - Monofury, Nabla, Deputy and Ragnarok in my list above are also creations of his…




Thanks for the whole list!

A sidenote to the TDR-plugins: I used the EQ & compressor for a while and it added significant latency and load to the CPU (about 5-10% / instance on an i3). I kicked it and used the EQ from DD (first post). Result: CPU load drops a lot and no audible latency-addition.


It’s in my synth bag as well as Ragnarok.
Currently playing with NR2010 from GTG
Got to have a go when the developer uses it as his go-to synth :slight_smile:
Might test out PG-8x.
I also like most TAL stuff as well.


Does anybody has some tips regarding sample-libraries? Strings, Horns, etc.? It seems that the synth-market is full with free stuff. But when it comes down to natural sounds…hm…


Hmmm, good to know - thanx!

These days, I mostly use FabFilter plugins for EQ and compression - that’s just what I’m used to from my DAW work. But of course, these aren’t free (but they’re GREAT!)




Not really. It’s one thing to program a synth for a hobby and give it away as a VST but most sampling, especially of acoustic instruments, costs $$. You need good mics, a proper controlled environment, a lot of time, possibly people to play the instruments, and THEN months of programming- it can be a real undertaking and not generally something those involved want to give away the results from :wink: That said almost every major sampling company has a freebies page, usually with some very cool things.

But not full orchestra libraries :smiley:


Stumbled on this thread when looking for all the gems in the forum.

I have bought a cheap used Arturia keyboard (Keylab 25), and registered it with Arturia, then getting all the instruments available. Might be a shortcut for getting some of the sounds you are looking for in a decent quality.


Arturia software is very nice indeed.
Better than their keyboards :joy:
I recently bought keylab 49 second hand and had to return it. Keys are junk. I can’t take that on stage. Pitty because the keyboard had everything i wanted.
So it’s interesting indeed to buy the keylab for software.


I’m a big fan of synth1. I just keep in returning to it for basic sound creation.
Takes no CPU or ram either. 10000 presets available. I love it.
Xpand2 is not free but sometimes 1 Euro. Has a nice library and loads very fast. Very useful.


Hey Sven,

just out of interest: was that the original version or the new mk2 version? I’m looking for something a bit more dependable than my Alesis VI49…



What keyboard do you have as controller?

The Original one, it’s a know problem. Keys are toy quality. Pitty because all the rest was 200% what I needed.

I think they worked on it in the mk2.
But I just don’t get it why they switched all the controllers.
Pads are handy on the right and sliders on the left, right? Or am I wrong? :wink:

I’m sticking with Samson. Although those keys are other rubbish china quality. After some gigs it’s like you had a fight with it :-/ luckily you can glue them.
Samson also has aftertouch… I use that allot.


Actually, I like my pads on the left: I use them to trigger samples and as large buttons to bind to Cantabile and LivePrompter functions. That’s easier to handle with my left hand while the right is busy (in most cases). Both my 49 key boards (Alesis VI49 and M-Audio Code 49 have the pads on the left side, so I’ve gotten used to that layout.




Hm, yeah maybe you’re right :slight_smile: I should try it out.
These keys on mk2 seem to have the same prob, check the picture :wink:

I heard also users complaining about the usb plug coming loose. Even Woody!

Why can’t they make decent sturdy road safe keyboards anymore??? :rage:


It would be great if we can leave the thread as clean as possible regarding the topic :blush:

But yes… Arturia sucks on keybeds and overall keyboards quality.


I’m using a keylab mkii on stage and am very happy with the keyboard. It’s not top-notch but very playable and certainly not toy-quality. I did replace the small turning knobs for bigger ones to make them easier to handle with my big hands/fingers.


Good idea, let’s make a thread about it ! :slight_smile:
There it is


Here’s my two cents. You’ll find download links in the youtube description.


Hey @derVodi

thanx for sharing (and taking the time to produce the video) - some good stuff in there.

Just some gentle critical comments:

  • calling Synth1 “the best virtual analog synthesizer emulator”, stating “all the others sound digital and thin” could be considered a bit myopic. OK, you might be forgiven parts of this simplification, given that this is all about FREE instruments (u-he & co will definitely blow Synth 1 out of the water sound-wise), but also the free range of synths by Björn Arlt of Full Bucket Music is great - and definitely not just “digital and thin”. Give them a try - you might be surprised! And of course Tyrell N6 is a great free virtual analog…

  • The Nubi / Spinner combo makes me cringe, especially at fast leslie speeds - if it REALLY needs to be free, give Rumpelrausch AZR3 a chance - it can even be found at 64 bits - look here.

Like you, I really like the ReaPlug range - free, efficient, and easy to operate! Just one word of caution: I’ve used the ReaEQ in a number of my racks, and I’ve had issues with full bank state behavior, something I use frequently on EQs in order to have individual EQ settings for every rack state without having to create plugin presets for every state: ReaEQ is a bit temperamental around EQ resets, sometimes ignoring EQ changes when using “full bank”. Just something to be aware of - outside that, a great range of plugins!